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Creating-a-Proper-Storage-Case-for-Your-ValuablesIt’s in every spy movie: the sleek chrome case full of jewels, or that special hard drive or a gun. These cases not only look cool, they serve a valuable purpose. You don’t need to be a super spy to own one either. Someone with a flute or even a few watches might like foam inserts that will keep their valuables from being jostled around during transport. You can have a sleek case of your own, without breaking the bank, if you read on.
Reduce Jostling
Smaller objects have a tendency to shuffle around and break as they are transported, especially if they are handled by careless ground crews. A strip of foam, the same kind of foam used to make a custom cushion, can be placed inside the case between the top lid and the item itself. The combined pressure of the shut case and the foam pressing down will keep whatever is in the case from moving around.
Choose a Durable Case
The reason many people use a steel or metal case is because of durability. These cases don’t scratch or dent easily, which means they are compact and able to fit into smaller spaces without fear of your belongings becoming damaged.
Identify Your Luggage
The final tip is to leave space for you to identify your luggage. Most of these steel cases don’thave some handy name placard that can hold an address card. Attach a quality luggage tag to your suitcase if you plan to do any kind of travelling. Whatever is in your cool case isn’t something you’ll want to part with easily.
Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for The Foam Factory, and a prominent guest blogger discussing DIY projects involving foam for the home.

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