What You Need to Look Out for When Buying a New Sofa

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Summary: Requiring such a large investment, sofas and cushions require due diligence in order to make the best purchase.

The complexities of purchasing a new couch or sofa start with the numerous factors and considerations you need to trudge through in order to find the perfect piece. Remember, your sofa is considered one of the most used pieces of furniture in your entire home. These tips are geared towards homeowners looking to find something that’s suited for their personal preferences.

Daily Use

Ask yourself a number of questions before making your decision. For example, how many people are going to use it? If you have a large family, consider purchasing an L-shape or U-shape sectional so everyone can sit together. These pieces should be upholstered in a durable fabric, especially if you have pets, so it lasts much longer.


The last thing you’ll want to do is sit on a weak wooden frame that’s constructed from cheap pine or green wood, which tends to break down much faster than a sturdier frame. A well-designed wooded frame contributes to a long-lasting furniture piece, which is much more preferred in today’s household – considering how much use it gets on a daily basis.

Couch Cushions

There are commonly three cushion arrangements that are offered for sofa backs: fixed-back, scatter-back, and cushion-back. Each of them offers a different type of padded and curved back frame that are suitable for all types of people. Be on the lookout for each of them and compare all three to ascertain which one best suit your personal preferences.


Some of the most comfortable types of fillings for seat cushions are feather and down but can be expensive and some may not prefer how it matches with the sofa style. Alternatively, you can go with a high-density, resilient foam that’s wrapped in down or a polyester. This ensures that you receive both quality and comfort, while still providing longevity.

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When to Replace Your Seat Cushions

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Summary: Replacing your seat cushions is sometimes necessary to maintain comfort. Read below to learn about when you should consider replacing them or the upholstery on your seats.

If you have had your furniture for some time now, you probably should look into ways to spruce them up a bit. Couches and chairs, in particular, lose the characteristics that made them so appealing in the beginning. Here is how you can tell that it is time to replace the cushions, upholstery, or the entire seat.

Too Many Stains to Clean

When there are so many stains on the fabric of your couch or chair, you should probably get it reupholstered. This keeps the seat looking fresh and brand new, without having to spend the money to get an entirely new set.

Sinking into The Cushions

If you sit down on the couch and you immediately sink into the bottom, then it is time to replace the cushions, or get them stuffed again. This is not only a comfort benefit, but firmer cushions are better for your posture as well. They can help you sit straighter and prevent you from slouching too much. So, it is overall better for your health, and it will feel brand new to you, your family and your guests.

Of course, you can maintain your couches and chairs in your house so you will not have to replace them or get new cushions often. But any seat will need touch ups after hours and hours of being sat on. Plus, it is fun to change things up every now and then. You are in full control of how soft or firm the cushions are and can choose a new pattern for the fabric on your couch.

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Camping Items That Can Make Your Camping Life Easier

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Summary: While the joy in camping is usually found in what you do, rather than what you bring with you, there are some essentials that can make your life much easier.

As the weather gets colder and the air gets crisp, plenty of people are heading up to the mountains for winter activities. Snowboarding, sledding, and camping are all fun ways to enjoy the outdoors and all of the fun that the winter has to offer. If it is not too cold and you decide to go camping outside, there are a few preparations you can make that can ultimately make your camping life a bit easier.

Camping is different from going on a standard trip because you will have to provide most of the amenities you would normally have at home or at a hotel.

Cooking Station

If you plan on going out to the mountains and want to stay in a tent, rather than a hotel or a cabin, you will want to come prepared with a station where you can do all of your cooking. You might not need fancy seat cushions out in the woods but you could benefit from having a platform for cutting your food and storing your plates. A flat surface for a cutting board can make a huge difference. Similarly, a sink where you can wash your hands and the fish you catch would be much easier than simply pouring water from a bottle over your hands.

Keeping Clean

You might take some of the house basics, such as having a heater or soft cushions from The Foam Factory, from granted when you are back at home. That being said, you will surely miss them when you go out to the mountains. To keep clean during your trip look for a shower system that is both portable and easy to set up.

Finding Out if Staging Homes is Right for You

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Summary: Staging a home requires a lot of careful planning and hard work but it can also be a rewarding line of work.

If you have experience with interior design, from knowing how to put a room together to finding the actual pieces that would work well in the room, then staging homes could be a potential career you could have a future in.

Who is This For?

When people are trying to either sell or rent out a piece of property they understand that simply putting the property out on the market is not enough to get people interested. If someone put their house up for sale and has realized, after some time, that they are not receiving many offers and not many people are interested, then they might start to wonder why engagement has been less than desirable.

A home stager could be hired to make a property look nice, in hopes of increasing the chances of someone making a purchase. A home stager could purchase new pieces from The Foam Factory to enhance the visuals of the property, moving existing furniture around in a meaningful way, or make other decorating decisions to help show the place off.

Building a Client Base

Interior decorating requires a good deal of effort but you can turn it into a profitable part-time or full-time job. You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars per project, depending on the size of the property and the demands of the client. If you can purchase a foam seat and light fixtures to transform a room in a way that both your client and their potential buyers enjoy, you will be able to use your successful projects as a way to grow your list of clients.

This Tip Will Save You Hundreds on Your Next Front Door

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This-Tip-Will-Save-You-Hundreds-on-Your-Next-Front-DoorWritten by: ETO Doors

These days, you can buy just about anything online and save money. The same holds true even when shopping for a new door. Whether you’re searching for modern arched mahogany front doors, or you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, shopping online provides you with a wider variety and more competitive prices.

Where the Savings Comes From

When you buy direct from door manufacturers, you can compound the savings. Part of this has to do with the lack of middle man, which means no one is making a profit on top of the cost of the product. So, the costs involved with selling the door are much smaller. Couple that with the exponentially larger customer base available online, as opposed to only those that are within driving distance, and a manufacturer can pass some of the savings on to you to sell the doors at below wholesale price.

Custom Doors

One big advantage is the ability to order custom doors at a substantially lower cost. Not every manufacturer can offer this service, but you can give them your blueprints and watch your ideas literally come to life. These doors also come pre-hung, which is helpful when it comes time to install them. Double doors, customized to fit the dimensions you need with the designs you want, end up costing substantially less when you find the right manufacturer to work with.


The Versatility of Foam Products

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Foam ProductsFoam is an extremely versatile material. From a memory foam mattress from Canada, to disposable cups, even the insulation in a house, we use foam in many products. In fact, we’re still creating new types of foam with all-new properties and uses. Memory foam was created by a NASA research center in the 1960s. And in 2015, researchers in Zurich created a foam out of gold! It’s pretty incredible to think of what new foam products will await us in the future, but there are also many products available today.

Foam Packaging

Packaging foam from Canada keeps other, more expensive products safe while they’re being transported. When dealing with mass produced items, the foam can be shaped to the product to minimize the additional bulk. And when the size and shape of products varies, smaller pieces of packaging foam can be used to fill the package and help prevent unwanted movement. Foam has helped provide a cost-effective solution for shipping in our modern world.

Temperature Efficiency

In order to help keep buildings efficient to keep a constant, comfortable temperature, many use some form of foam insulation. Whether it’s an open cell foam that is sprayed into place or a closed cell foam from Canada such as polystyrene insulation, foam is prized as an insulation material because of it’s highly thermal insulative nature and light weight.

Foam products can be soft and squishy, hard and durable, or anywhere inbetween and the product created from them are only limited by our imagination.

Improve Your Curb Appeal the Easy Way

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Improve-Your-Curb-Appeal-the-Easy-WayWhat makes great curb appeal? What makes a house stand out from the crowd and make crowds double-take when they pass by? Is it the size of the house, or the style? Honestly, there’s no direct answer to that. You’ll know if you’ve achieved great curb appeal when you have people stopping to admire your house. Now, when you’re selling your home, it’s a whole different ball game. If you want to upgrade your curb appeal, follow these easy tips that’ll potentially improve the value of your home.

Clean Up

Nothing makes the front yard of a home look less appealing than a mess of objects lying around. Take the time to walk around your yard and clean up the mess that you left there years ago. Also, store things in your backyard that draw attention away from the house itself. It’s important to keep your front yard clean so that when potential buyers come to take a look at your house, they see a clear path to what they will potentially buy.


It’s always a good idea to throw some money towards landscaping. Remember, you don’t need thousands of dollars on it, just enough to make the yard look presentable and clean for visitors. Many of the tasks you can even do yourself, like trimming trees and pruning shrubs. Pull out all of the unsightly plants and purchase a few inexpensive flowers to replace them. Trim your lawn to the appropriate length and try to keep it as clean as you can.

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How Interior Doors Can Enhance the Visual Appearance of a Room

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How Interior Doors Can Enhance the Visual Appearance of a RoomYour home’s interior design should truly reflect your vivid lifestyle. If you’re starting from scratch take a notepad and start sketching out a rough drawing of what you want your central theme to be. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it should only serve as a visual and as a foundation.


How large is the room that you’re designing? How many interior doors are connecting to other rooms? What theme are you planning? These should be only some of the things that you should be asking yourself. The good news is that once you’ve planned out everything, the rest should fall into place quite easily.


Interior door styles can make a huge impact on how well the room coordinates with each other. There are a variety of different door styles ranging from six-paneled doors to the creative glazed doors. Consider expanding your main room into other rooms by installing a French door to improve the flow and cohesiveness amongst each room.


Once you’ve taken care of the walls, the doors, and the layout, the only thing left on your checklist is to fill in the gaps with furniture and other objects. Now this is where you’ll be able to let your creativity flow wild and establish a pattern that you’d like to see every day that you enter this room. Certain visual aspects like decorations or paintings can enhance the visual quality of a room and even make it feel more comfortable and relaxing.

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Natural Latex mattress VS conventional mattresses

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Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Natural latex mattresses are composed of a non-synthetic natural latex foam. This can either be blended foam or bio-hybrid. Generally, natural latex procures a good level of comfort along with supporting the body. This also provides relief from muscle pressures as it responds to the shape and weight of the person’s body. The innerspring or poor quality foam mattress can lead to neck and back pains. The natural latex helps to alleviate these muscle pains.

Compared to conventional mattresses, the natural latex mattress constitutes of a lasting value with a longer lifespan. Moreover, the open-cell latex mattress is known to be hypoallergenic. This perfect from allergy-sufferers. Another benefit of the latex mattress is that the pincore structure helps to regulate the temperature of the body during sleep. This promotes a better sleep. Some companies also offer the possibility of buying custom cushions made out of latex. These are highly washable and durable.

The latex mattress is the ideal solution for people seeking to improve the quality of their sleep. Alternatively, a mattress topper can also be considered in order to reap the benefits of this type of mattress without necessarily investing in a brand new mattress. Tatalay latex can also be opted for in case you are seeking a softer mattress. This type of latex is known to be softer than regular latex.

Foam Factory, Inc. specializes in various forms of mattresses including natural latex mattress. The company also proposes a large array of foam products including packaging foam Canada.

Baby Safe Floor areas for any room

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Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Foam is used in various ways around the house to promote the safety of children and toddlers. When your baby is old enough to walk around, it becomes crucial to baby-proof the house to keep your children safe from falls and injuries. For this, foam is often placed around the house or in areas that have sharp edges or hard floors.

One of the main uses, is a special floor area can be created using mattress toppers for the baby to play. The idea is to delimit the area with baby fences to allow your child to play in all safety. It is important to note that the foam in use has to be firm enough for baby to stand without being unstable. Custom cushions can also be made for the baby to sit or jump on while playing.

There are other uses for foam in baby proofing. A foam mat can also be placed at the landing of staircases to protect your children from falling at the end of the stairs. If your flooring is hardwood or ceramic tiles, you might consider placing foam cushions in places where your children would tend to play. Foam supports can also be added around the cradle if the material tends to be hard.


Foam Factory, Inc specializes in supplying foam in Canada. Their high density foam sheets can be custom cut to various dimensions depending on the project.

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