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Have you been hassled by spiders, cicadas, or other bugs sneaking into your home recently? Worried about your pets getting heartworm or other parasites from rogue mosquitoes, fleas, and flies? If you’ve had a few scares recently, you may want to inspect your home to identify how exactly they’re getting in.

Open Doors

Your number one culprit will the same place almost everything enters your home, through the exterior doors while they’re being used or left ajar. If you are forgetful you may want to invest in a door closer that will automatically pull the door shut once it is not being pressed on. If calibrated correctly, door closers will completely shut the door until it latches, saving you money in energy costs and preventing bugs from gaining entry to your home.

Even Closed Doors

Check under your doors to see if it has a feature called a “sweep” A sweep is a strip of rubber or other flexible materials that is affixed to the bottom of the door. Sweeps fill the gap between the door and the door jamb without causing any scraping or friction. It may surprise you, but without a sweep bugs are able to enter even when your door is properly shut. When your door has a proper sweep, this enhances the seal between your home and the outdoors, providing sound dampening and keeping out pests.

Windows and Screens

Windows and screens are the next most likely culprits. Check around all window sills to make sure they do not show any gaps into the insulation space or to the outside. Fill in any gaps with caulking to close them up for good. If you like to have your windows open, be sure to regularly check your screens to ensure they are seated properly in the sill and do not show any signs of damage, rips, or wear.


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