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004Welcoming a litter of puppies into the world is a wonderful and messy experience. Providing a comfortable and central space for the whelping process is crucial for the health and happiness of the mother and puppies. Above all, whelping pads should provide safety first, comfort second. Whelping pads should help protect puppies from the cold and keep them cushioned without endangering them.


It’s important to remember that softer isn’t always better when it comes to cushioning. While your knees may thank you, soft padding can be difficult and dangerous for mothers and puppies. Padding in whelping boxes should be made of very slim (1-2” thick) pads of foam from Canada, with a thicknesses and firmnesses that can cushion and cradle the mother and babies without putting them in danger. These can also make it easier to oversee the process without being distracted by aches and pains.


If you are looking to make a whelping pad, you can’t use just any old latex mattress; Canada Foam by Mail highlights the benefits of using dryfast foam when dealing with pets. Because it allows liquid through without pooling, it is much easier and faster to wash and dry. Dryfast foam pads are also anti-microbial, this means they will resist molding and mildewing and will be safe for use even if stored for long periods of time. If you cannot use dryfast foam, there are also whelping liners available that block liquid from passing down into any padding.

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