When to Replace Your Seat Cushions

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Summary: Replacing your seat cushions is sometimes necessary to maintain comfort. Read below to learn about when you should consider replacing them or the upholstery on your seats.

If you have had your furniture for some time now, you probably should look into ways to spruce them up a bit. Couches and chairs, in particular, lose the characteristics that made them so appealing in the beginning. Here is how you can tell that it is time to replace the cushions, upholstery, or the entire seat.

Too Many Stains to Clean

When there are so many stains on the fabric of your couch or chair, you should probably get it reupholstered. This keeps the seat looking fresh and brand new, without having to spend the money to get an entirely new set.

Sinking into The Cushions

If you sit down on the couch and you immediately sink into the bottom, then it is time to replace the cushions, or get them stuffed again. This is not only a comfort benefit, but firmer cushions are better for your posture as well. They can help you sit straighter and prevent you from slouching too much. So, it is overall better for your health, and it will feel brand new to you, your family and your guests.

Of course, you can maintain your couches and chairs in your house so you will not have to replace them or get new cushions often. But any seat will need touch ups after hours and hours of being sat on. Plus, it is fun to change things up every now and then. You are in full control of how soft or firm the cushions are and can choose a new pattern for the fabric on your couch.

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Residential Mailboxes

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Curbside residential mailboxes are U.S.P.S. approved and will add curb appeal to any home. According to Go Mailboxes, residential mailboxes can be purchased for individual installations or can be clustered together with spreaders or larger posts for multi-unit curbside delivery.

A wide variety of Wall Mounted Mailboxes, Column Mailboxes and Locking Mailboxes are available in the market. These products are available for individual home owners, residential developments, condominiums, home owners’ associations, businesses and a variety of other applications.

Residential mailboxes include the post mounted mailboxes, wall mounted mailboxes, column mailboxes, locking mailboxes and many others. If you are looking in the market for a post mounted mailbox, then several options are available. You can either choose a rural, roadside, post style townhouse, cluster box units and newspaper holders.

Wall mounted mailboxes include traditional, antique brass, stainless steel, modern, Victorian, surface mounted town house and mail slots. Wall mounted mailboxes enhance the look of your entrance. The sloped lid and large opening allow for easy mail retrieval. On the other hand, the column mailboxes include the locking and non-locking cast aluminum and antique brass.

Locking mailboxes aim to provide safe and secure mail storage environment. These types of residential mailboxes are made from corrosion resistant material, aluminum. Therefore, they are quite ideal in extreme weather conditions.

You can even install a mail post outside your house. This post can install up to five mailboxes.

You can select any one of the residential mailboxes, when you want to replace your residential mailboxes.

San Juan: The best attractions

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The San Juan Islands, located between three Pacific Northwest cities, invite you to visit a truly spectacular place that has an economy that is mostly dependent on tourism. San Juan is an important tourist destination, with sea kayaking and orca whale-watching being the two of the primary attractions being offered.

The major establishment in the San-Juan Islands is Friday Harbor. The other famous establishment resorts are the village of Roche Harbor that is located on the northwest side of the island and Orcas Island.

Friday Harbor is the walkable hub of San Juan Island. The best places to visit in this side of the island are the whale museum, the San Juan Historical Society and Museum, San Juan Islands Museum of Art and San Juan Community Theatre.

Scenic byway routes take you through rolling farmlands, along stunning coastlines and past some of the main attractions on the San Juan Islands such as Cattle Point Light House, English Camp and San Juan Vineyards. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, then you can go on a whale and wildlife watching tour. Friday Harbor also offers kayak tour, as well as hiking and biking.

Roche Harbor has the famous National Historical Park, which recalls the history of early European settlement in the area. Whale Museum, Sculpture Park and Lime Kiln Park are some of the other attractions of these islands, which offer a mesmerizing view as well as spectacular marine life.

Turtleback Farm Inn, located on Orcas Island is home to a wide variety of plant life and magnificent wildlife, whales, seals, etc. The Washington State Ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Island is by far the most popular and scenic way to get to the island and th

e only way to get there by car.

San Juan Islands hold a great promise of turning your journey into an unforgettable experience.

Written by San Juan PM. Take your holiday to the next level by renting one of the many vacation homes in San Juan island.

The guide to Rattan furniture

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Rattan furniture are part of a fashionable trend that is becoming increasingly common all over the world. Here is a basic primer on its history and origin from Wicker Paradise:

It belongs to the palm family that grows up to almost 2000 feet in the forests of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Rattan is one of the strongest woods, owing to its hard core. It is due to this fact that rattan boasts high durability, making it hard to break.

Rattan furniture can be used outdoors, however, it should not be justify out from season to season, as it will eventually wear out and break apart. Therefore, the synthetic rattan furniture are a better option to use instead of natural ones.

The most remarkable thing about the synthetic rattan furniture is that they are maintenance free and can be justify outside all year round, irrespective of the prevalent weather.

The rattan furniture is generally of a superior quality, owing to its carefully hand-woven HDPE (high density polyethylene) rattan, along with its aluminium frames.

They are available in a wide range of colours such as black, brown and grey. Black rattan furniture offers a contemporary look to your garden. The vanilla coloured cushions could complement the furniture. Brown rattan furniture can look great in any outdoor space and can look brilliant spectacular with the cream coloured cushions. While the grey rattan furniture would be perfect for any of the summer months.

The future holds a great promise for the rattan furniture as a rattan is a very good material mainly because it is light weight, durable, flexible, versatile and suitable for outdoor use.

Camping Items That Can Make Your Camping Life Easier

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Summary: While the joy in camping is usually found in what you do, rather than what you bring with you, there are some essentials that can make your life much easier.

As the weather gets colder and the air gets crisp, plenty of people are heading up to the mountains for winter activities. Snowboarding, sledding, and camping are all fun ways to enjoy the outdoors and all of the fun that the winter has to offer. If it is not too cold and you decide to go camping outside, there are a few preparations you can make that can ultimately make your camping life a bit easier.

Camping is different from going on a standard trip because you will have to provide most of the amenities you would normally have at home or at a hotel.

Cooking Station

If you plan on going out to the mountains and want to stay in a tent, rather than a hotel or a cabin, you will want to come prepared with a station where you can do all of your cooking. You might not need fancy seat cushions out in the woods but you could benefit from having a platform for cutting your food and storing your plates. A flat surface for a cutting board can make a huge difference. Similarly, a sink where you can wash your hands and the fish you catch would be much easier than simply pouring water from a bottle over your hands.

Keeping Clean

You might take some of the house basics, such as having a heater or soft cushions from The Foam Factory, from granted when you are back at home. That being said, you will surely miss them when you go out to the mountains. To keep clean during your trip look for a shower system that is both portable and easy to set up.

Finding Out if Staging Homes is Right for You

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Summary: Staging a home requires a lot of careful planning and hard work but it can also be a rewarding line of work.

If you have experience with interior design, from knowing how to put a room together to finding the actual pieces that would work well in the room, then staging homes could be a potential career you could have a future in.

Who is This For?

When people are trying to either sell or rent out a piece of property they understand that simply putting the property out on the market is not enough to get people interested. If someone put their house up for sale and has realized, after some time, that they are not receiving many offers and not many people are interested, then they might start to wonder why engagement has been less than desirable.

A home stager could be hired to make a property look nice, in hopes of increasing the chances of someone making a purchase. A home stager could purchase new pieces from The Foam Factory to enhance the visuals of the property, moving existing furniture around in a meaningful way, or make other decorating decisions to help show the place off.

Building a Client Base

Interior decorating requires a good deal of effort but you can turn it into a profitable part-time or full-time job. You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars per project, depending on the size of the property and the demands of the client. If you can purchase a foam seat and light fixtures to transform a room in a way that both your client and their potential buyers enjoy, you will be able to use your successful projects as a way to grow your list of clients.

How to Design a Zen Gazebo

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Summary: A gazebo is a great centerpiece that can enhance the ambiance of your backyard.


When decorating your house, whether interior or exterior, it is always a good idea to keep both form and function in mind. The warmer summer months are perfect for outdoor barbecues, parties, and get-togethers. If your backyard is looking a little bare and you are looking for ways to spice it up, a peaceful gazebo could be just what you need.


Buying or Building


When it comes to getting a gazebo set up in your backyard, you have two ways you can go about it. The simplest way to add one to your backyard is to have commission it and have it built from scratch. A professional could take notes on what you want yours to include and then get to work on making it a reality. If you would rather build it yourself, you can either buy all of the pieces individually or purchase a kit that already includes the main pieces you will need to put it all together.


A kit for a gazebo around six feet tall can cost over $2,500. If you haggle or find a good deal you could actually have yours commissioned for around that much. If you are interested in customizing your gazebo and want features beyond what a standard kit could give you, then commissioning could be the way to go.


Decorate Around the Gazebo


Wherever you decide to place the gazebo, make sure it is on a flat and level surface. If you want your gazebo to remain as bare as possible you can still decorate around it to add to the ambiance. Simple pieces like flowers, stone walkways, or Zen sand gardens can all to the welcoming and peaceful environment that the gazebo represents.


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Different type of mailbox options for residential use

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Mailboxes are necessary and indispensable for every home. Electronic mail may be more convenient in many situations, but it cannot replace traditional mail. For your letters, bills, catalogs, magazines or newspapers, there is a wide variety of mailboxes you can choose from. Designed to suit every need, mailboxes come in all shapes and sizes, styles, unique designs, from different materials. Whatever preferences you may have, there is one for every style. There are thousands of different models available on the market, but they all come from four basic types of mailboxes: post mount, wall mount, post office boxes and mail slots. Here is a quick description of each from California Mailboxes

Column mailboxes

They are considered essential in any household throughout the world. It does not only protect mail and packages and prevent identity theft but they also undeniably, enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the home. Column mailboxes will certainly add some additional style and class. They convey elegance and stability. 

Post mount mailboxes 

They are also called curbside, are placed in the front of your house, along with the side of the road. They are practical, and the postman can reach them quickly, and they are most commonly used in the countryside or suburban areas.  

Wall mount mailboxes. 

Mostly found in urban areas, their main advantage is proximity, as they do not take up much space. They can be either horizontal or vertical, and both types are equally practical. 

Mail slots. 

You’ve undoubtedly seen them, generally with big houses. Mail slots are those small horizontal openings in the front door of a house. Instead of going to a mailbox, the postman inserts the envelopes through the opening, and your mail falls straight inside your home.  

As mentioned above, these are the four main types. From these, thousands of styles and designs are available, to combine their functionality with aesthetics and elegance. You have plenty of mailboxes to choose from, pick the one that matches your style.

How to pick a decorative mailbox

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The mailbox is the first thing that anybody sees when they approach your home, and it says a lot of about the appeal of your home. Now, to add more curb appeal to your house, you can move the mailbox from the street to your garage, porch, or your outer wall. Here are some tips for moving and selecting decorative mailboxes for the house:

First of all, before you physically relocate your mailbox, contact your local post office and request permission for the move. You can change your mailbox as long as it is USPS approved, however, you will need permission before you move the mailbox to another location on the same property.

Next, think about where you want your mailbox. For a lot of people, getting mail is an exciting prospect. Do you want to walk to your mailbox in the morning as part your morning ritual? Or do you prefer to have your mailbox on your porch for a quick grab-and-read?

When it comes to size, it depends on your mail volume. When you get a lot of package deliveries a larger mailbox, with a locking feature is more practical. However, if you only get letters and small parcels, then you only need something smaller. You can order from a variety of sizes from stores like California Mailboxes.

Quick tip: Before you place your order, pick one out on the site and use tape to mark out the size of the mailbox on your wall (or garage). You will then see if you need more space for the mailbox.

How Choosing the Right Mailbox Can Significantly Raise Curb Appeal

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Summary: Your ideal mailbox should complement the exterior design of your home.

Adding the right mailbox to your home can create significant curb appeal. But, with so many different models and styles out there, how can you choose the right one? There are several factors to consider which is why this guide will help you choose the perfect mailbox for your household.

Style Guide

Whether you’re looking for brass mailboxes for a vintage look or aluminum for that modern appeal, know that whatever you choose should reflect the style of your home. Now, mailboxes are typically categorized by either contemporary or traditional, depending on the overall shape of the mailbox. There are some styles that combine both styles for a modern fusion type of feel.


Mounted mailboxes are usually installed at your home’s front curb. These types of mailboxes require a post and a mounting board for installation. Wall mounted mailboxes, on the other hand, are usually installed near the front entry door of a home. These require mounting screw and anchors when installed. Prior to choosing your mailbox, be sure to consider the requirements of both styles – you don’t want to purchase the wrong hardware. California Mailboxes, Orange County’s premiere mailbox supplier, can provide you with all the assets you need to decorate your home’s exterior.

Finish and Color

As you’re most likely aware, mailboxes differ in color and finish. Painted finishes are categorized by flat, semi-gloss, high gloss and textured. Take the time to visualize your preferred mailbox in front of your home as it should complement the external appearance. The last thing you’ll want is a mailbox that sticks out like a sore thumb. Choose wisely and carefully.

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