Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent Will Hurt You

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Real Estate AgentSelling a home is a major transaction that must be handled carefully. A majority of the time, these sales will be handled through a real estate agent. That being said, it’s of tremendous importance to hire the right agent to maximize your profitability and reduce the risk of your home languishing on the market. Here are some tips on what you should keep an eye out for in a real estate agent.

Don’t Mistake Kindness for Market Knowledge

There are many agents that use their personality to their advantage. Meaning, they take the opposite approach of a salesman and try to swoon you into hiring them just by being friendly and personable. This doesn’t necessarily translate into sales, so you might want to think twice before hiring on the spot.

Quality Over Quantity

Boasting a large amount of sales is always a nice statistic to have on your resume. However, ask your real estate agent questions that refer to the quality of his or her sales. For example, how many houses have they sold in comparison to the amount they listed? How many homes were sold near the asking price? If your agent sold 50 homes, but listed over 150, their success rate is an underwhelming 33%. That number doesn’t instill confidence however way you put it.

Don’t Hire a Salesman

Many real estate agents obtain their clients through a salesman-like approach. Just because they can sell you on making the transaction clean and quick, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the marketing knowledge to get it done.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate brokerage firm with offices in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Making A Big Difference To Your Home With Small Changes

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Written by Marron Gildea Realtors

There are several ways that you might bring changes and provide your home with a bit of a makeover while switching to a fresh new decor. The idea that these changes require time and money might be a put off. Renovation might be costly, but a revamping is not. Small changes might bring a big difference to your overall home and even give it a new lease life.


Wall paint is one of the main aspects that is sure to bring a considerable change to the look of your home. You could opt for a completely different color than what you currently had. A fresh paint adds life to a room and makes it feel different. Another alternative to completely redoing a paint job is to have some artwork done to the wall.

Rearrange Furniture

This is a very cost-effective or rather free way of changing the decor of your home. Rearranging your existing furniture would make your home feel and look like a brand new place. This would be able to transform your living spaces and might even help you gain some space if you are able to optimally align furniture.


Lighting bring a certain ambience to a room. Going for different lights and bulbs can bring a brand new look to your home. Spotlights for instance brighten up the room and you might consider adding them to the kitchen or the dining room.

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The safest places to live in the USA

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Written by Marron Gildea Realtors

If you have children you might be concerned about safety and crime rates in your region. Some areas have low crime rates, with the lowest number of sex offenders per head and a good score of peace index. The list below might be useful in making a choice if you wish to move into a safe neighborhood.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Life by the beach is generally known to be peaceful. Virginia Beach is no exception to this. An interesting feature is that the city is close a naval air base, which might be why crime rate is kept at bay. Virginia Beach has a low crime rate and an equally low amount of sex offenders.

Portland, Oregon

Oregon is considered one of the most peaceful states as per the Institute of Economics & Peace index. Portland has a low crime and sex offenders rate and is therefore considered one of the safest US cities.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder in Colorado is a peaceful city with great views. Colorado is known to be a safe state to live in as well. Along with low crime rates, Boulder can be called one of the safest cities to live in the USA.

Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey

Ho Ho Kus is a borough in Bergen County found in New Jersey. The New Jersey Monthly magazine cited Ho Ho Kus in 2011 as the best place to live in New Jersey. This is due to its low crime rate, good quality schooling system and its proximity to New York.

You might find more information on Ho Ho Kus real estate online. You could get some information on Ho Ho Kus homes for sale.

Finding the Right Home in Ridgewood

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By Marron Gildea Realtors

If you’re familiar with Ridgewood, then you already understand why it’s considered such a hot real estate market. Ridgewood is not just a beautiful area, it’s also home to an amazing school district, a thriving shopping area, fine dining, safe neighborhoods and much more. There’s essentially no reason not to love beautiful Ridgewood and the homes you can find here.

However, not all Ridgewood homes are considered the same. So when you’re on the hunt for the right Ridgewood property, be sure you start by thinking about your unique needs. If you have children or are planning to in the near future, proximity to the schools is obviously going to be huge. If you’re empty-nesters or retiring, though, you probably want to be close to the country club or the “downtown” area and all their restaurants.

Fortunately, every neighborhood in Ridgewood is extremely safe. This doesn’t have to be a concern. But if you’re looking for up-and-coming neighborhoods that will provide you with homes that will prove to be good investments.

Although any home in Ridgewood will be one of the best in the country, make sure you consider all of the above to be as happy as possible with your final choice.


If you’re in the market for a new home, you need to consider Ridgewood real estate, no matter what the reason is—Ridgewood has long been considered one of the best areas in the entire state. In order to make sure you pick the best house possible for your needs, make sure you go with Marron Gildea Realtors, a company driven by excellence.

Why Arizona Should Become Your New Home

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If you’re looking for a change of scenery, you have countless places to choose. Thanks to the terrible housing market over the past six years or so, there are still plenty of homes on the market and most are still very reasonably priced. But while you may have a long list of options, perhaps the best is Arizona. Keep on reading to find out why.

One of the best reasons, by far, to move to Arizona is the weather. Dry desert heat is different from the climate you’ll find just about anywhere else. While it can be exceptionally warm during the day, many of us find that a welcomed change of pace. When the sun goes down, however, you’ll enjoy a nice cool night that will have you ready for the morning heat all over again.

Tucson real estate for sale is an especially hot commodity these days. A property for sale in Tucson combines not only the gorgeous weather, but all the modern amenities of a town on the cutting edge. Not only do you have colleges and tech startups dotting the city, but you also have a long tradition and plenty of family owned businesses. Once again, it’s the best of both worlds!

Before you decide on a place to move, give Arizona some consideration. Tucson is an especially beautiful city with plenty to offer.


Article submitted by Susan Weisman. Ms. Weisman has years of experience with real estate listings in Tucson AZ. If you’re looking for Arizona homes for sale, she’s the person to contact.

Checklist for Buying a Home

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Most people buy a home without really thinking through all of the important little details.  There are many factors that should go into the decision to buy a home.

The first step is interviewing agents to find the right one.  There are some very important questions to ask potential agents, including how long they’ve been doing real estate and what their ratio of list to sale prices is.  These elements can help you find someone that will help you find the perfect home!

Along with selecting the right agent, it’s best to talk with the bank early on about getting approved for a home loan.  Knowing upfront what price point works for you can keep you from falling for a home that you can’t afford.

Once you’ve selected a real estate agent and sorted out a home loan, the next step is to make a list of all the qualities that you desire in a home.  There should be three columns: all of the qualities that you desire, all of the things that you absolutely need in your home, and any qualities that you refuse to settle for.  Once you have a more clear idea of what you will and will not accept in your future home, you are ready to start viewing properties.

Something that many people forget to do while house-hunting is to bring a notebook and camera along to every single viewing.  The reason this is so important is that it’s very easy to forget all of the important details of a property that you saw three houses ago.