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Summary: Staging a home requires a lot of careful planning and hard work but it can also be a rewarding line of work.

If you have experience with interior design, from knowing how to put a room together to finding the actual pieces that would work well in the room, then staging homes could be a potential career you could have a future in.

Who is This For?

When people are trying to either sell or rent out a piece of property they understand that simply putting the property out on the market is not enough to get people interested. If someone put their house up for sale and has realized, after some time, that they are not receiving many offers and not many people are interested, then they might start to wonder why engagement has been less than desirable.

A home stager could be hired to make a property look nice, in hopes of increasing the chances of someone making a purchase. A home stager could purchase new pieces from The Foam Factory to enhance the visuals of the property, moving existing furniture around in a meaningful way, or make other decorating decisions to help show the place off.

Building a Client Base

Interior decorating requires a good deal of effort but you can turn it into a profitable part-time or full-time job. You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars per project, depending on the size of the property and the demands of the client. If you can purchase a foam seat and light fixtures to transform a room in a way that both your client and their potential buyers enjoy, you will be able to use your successful projects as a way to grow your list of clients.