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Summary: Replacing your seat cushions is sometimes necessary to maintain comfort. Read below to learn about when you should consider replacing them or the upholstery on your seats.

If you have had your furniture for some time now, you probably should look into ways to spruce them up a bit. Couches and chairs, in particular, lose the characteristics that made them so appealing in the beginning. Here is how you can tell that it is time to replace the cushions, upholstery, or the entire seat.

Too Many Stains to Clean

When there are so many stains on the fabric of your couch or chair, you should probably get it reupholstered. This keeps the seat looking fresh and brand new, without having to spend the money to get an entirely new set.

Sinking into The Cushions

If you sit down on the couch and you immediately sink into the bottom, then it is time to replace the cushions, or get them stuffed again. This is not only a comfort benefit, but firmer cushions are better for your posture as well. They can help you sit straighter and prevent you from slouching too much. So, it is overall better for your health, and it will feel brand new to you, your family and your guests.

Of course, you can maintain your couches and chairs in your house so you will not have to replace them or get new cushions often. But any seat will need touch ups after hours and hours of being sat on. Plus, it is fun to change things up every now and then. You are in full control of how soft or firm the cushions are and can choose a new pattern for the fabric on your couch.

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