Baby Safe Floor areas for any room

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Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Foam is used in various ways around the house to promote the safety of children and toddlers. When your baby is old enough to walk around, it becomes crucial to baby-proof the house to keep your children safe from falls and injuries. For this, foam is often placed around the house or in areas that have sharp edges or hard floors.

One of the main uses, is a special floor area can be created using mattress toppers for the baby to play. The idea is to delimit the area with baby fences to allow your child to play in all safety. It is important to note that the foam in use has to be firm enough for baby to stand without being unstable. Custom cushions can also be made for the baby to sit or jump on while playing.

There are other uses for foam in baby proofing. A foam mat can also be placed at the landing of staircases to protect your children from falling at the end of the stairs. If your flooring is hardwood or ceramic tiles, you might consider placing foam cushions in places where your children would tend to play. Foam supports can also be added around the cradle if the material tends to be hard.


Foam Factory, Inc specializes in supplying foam in Canada. Their high density foam sheets can be custom cut to various dimensions depending on the project.

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