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Gelato is a rich-textured, dense and highly flavored ice cream which originates from Italy. It smoothness is renowned throughout the world. There has been a surge in gelato shops all around the globe due to the popularity that this dessert has experienced and the variety of flavors that can be offered. However, the dessert can also be made at home using ingredients that can easily be found such as eggs, sugar, milk and cream.

Planning ahead

If you are preparing for any forthcoming family party or gathering, you can even made large quantities well ahead and have them chilled for the special occasion. This dessert is well appreciated amongst children and is a great way to integrate more fresh fruits in their diets. The tips below might be handy if you are considering making your gelato at home.

Use Whole Milk

The general perception might be that cream is able to give a more smooth texture rather than just milk. However, the fat contained in cream tends to coat the tongue during tasting. This numbs out any flavor that the gelato might contain. Instead, whole milk is lighter and will contribute to bring out the taste.

Have the Right Supplies

An ice cream churner is an essential investment if you wish to make ice cream on a regular basis from home. Having gelato supplies in bulk would also keep your prepared for any party or improvised family visits.

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