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There are a variety of methods to apply when soundproofing a room. The general meaning of soundproofing is to reduce the ability of sound to travel from one point to another. To accomplish this, there are different kinds of materials that can be installed to help absorb sound and keep it within its chosen confines. There are also elements of construction that are very effective for soundproofing.


If the room that needs to be soundproofed is already built, installing materials like acoustic foam panels is a good place to start. They’re available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. These will not only help control the transfer of sound, but will also give the noise inside the room a better quality. For example, in a recording studio, foam can contribute to the soundproofing as well as decreasing echoes and keeping the various sounds isolated. Isolating different sounds keeps them from bleeding too heavily into one another, providing a cleaner overall effect.


There are a variety of options to choose from for soundproofing foam. Acoustic eggcrate and wedge designs are affordable and available in different sizes. Higher quality foam like acoustic pyramid provides additional benefits due to its extra surface area. If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing foams, acoustic spade, wave, and grid are all eye-catching designs that offer quality sound absorption.

While sound absorption is important for soundproofing, it’s not the only component. If you’re looking to build a room from the ground up, there are several other factors that can increase the room’s ability to contain sound and keep outside sound from coming in.


Mass is a common method to use for soundproofing. Any solid object can disrupt the transfer of a sound wave from inside a room to outside the room, and vice versa. Materials such as drywall and plywood are very useful, and as a general rule, the larger the mass is, the more beneficial it will be.


The method of building a “floating room” can also be implemented, and that involves the use of mass and air. This is a highly effective soundproofing technique. “Floating room” basically means a room within a room. This can be done if a room already exists that needs to be soundproofed, or if the construction of the space is just beginning. This method utilizes sound absorption, mass, and can also incorporate sound deadening foam.


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