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Couch cushions may not sound like it would be too hard to shop for but if you want the best fit for your comfort, you’re going to have to consider your options.

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If you’re looking for couch foam that’s firm when you sit, take a look at all-foam cushions. Meant for more support, this is a popular option that’s primarily made with a high-density foam core so you don’t sink in. The ridges that are on top of the foam provide comfort as well as stability. The good thing about this also is that you don’t need to fluff it after you get off of it unlike feather-filled cushions.

Spring down couch cushions utilize core springs surrounded by a foam box. Another comfortable option, it provides support but a little more softness in the base as the springs give way to your body weight. These cushions do need to be fluffed to maintain its shapely appearance.

A blendown is a much thinner type of foam with layers of poly-fiber blend and polyester wrapped around its base. A luxurious cushion it looks and acts like a pillow. A little less firm than many people like, but are still great to use as replacement cushions. They do require fluffing after each sitting because of their pronounced look.  Many people use these types of cushions on decorative sofas because of their aesthetic beauty.

One good tip to remember is you get what you pay for. When it comes buying a sofa, the cheaper the quality is, the fewer options you will have at replacing the cushions. You don’t always have to settle with the most expensive sofa. However, they do offer more luxury options as well as comfort levels that other sofas cannot match.

Take some time to visit a store that has model sofas on display and feel how plump or soft they are when you sit down. Keep in mind that they break in after a while so they may feel a bit stiff at first. By trying out different cushions, you’ll get an idea on which one suits you the best. You don’t want to get stuck with a couch cushion that provides little to no comfort. Hopefully these tips will give you an idea on what type of cushion you want in your household. Remember to look for quality if you want your foam to last through the tests of life.
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