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Ice Cream, gelato and frozen yogurt are hot ticket items these days. Party themes around frozen treats are popular and fun. But it doesn’t stop with the ice cream. Plastic yogurt spoons are a part of that fun, with colors and styles to match the themes of your party. Here are some ideas to throw a magical ice-cream social for the kids and adult friends in your life.


Wondering when it’s cool to serve ice cream? Ice cream socials are a great twist on traditional parties. Baby showers can have baby food themed frozen treats for tasting. Wedding showers can add gelato to compliment mimosas and tea. Frozen treats are also perfect for kids parties, where the dessert can be a great alternative to cake.


The toppings for your gelato add flavor and help to dress up the party. Flavors and sprinkles aren’t the only way to have fun with ice cream. Cups, cones, and spoons all have their sweet factor, and dressing up such a basic dessert in style can take a theme to the next level. Choose the flavor of your ice cream based on the theme of the party, then order colored plastic spoons to match your colors. Be sure to include topping that match the theme, including colorful sprinkles and fresh fruit (perfect for luau themes).


Aside from the cups and cones, you’ll need something for guests to actually eat with. If you don’t want a sink full of spoons after your party, try some yogurt spoons. You can include tasting spoons for a buffet style event where guests are expected to sample multiple flavors. Cup lids and take-home cups let guests take their ice cream home with them too, which is perfect for party favors. You can also find large to-go containers to package the left-overs for your family. Offering different sizes of cone? Try some cone holders so that guests can pick what they want without holding up the line. Be sure to put your toppings in pan liners, where you can easily re-seal them and package them in your refrigerator.

Some of the most prominent ice cream and gelato bars invest heavily in colors, spoons, and toppings to make their frozen treats a one-of-a-kind experience. Bringing that same flair to your party will make your event a memorable one.


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