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Written by: Toolsmith Direct

The tools in your toolbox will mostly last a life time. A metric socket wrench will undergo heavy wear throughout its lifetime, but proper care and maintenance will keep it useful well into your elder years. Home owners should keep a well stocked tool box for maintenance around the house, but it’s important to keep those tools in top shape when it comes time for repairs.

Abolish Rust

Use a microfiber cloth, or a heavy duty industrial rag to wipe down tools after use. Tools that come into contact with greasy parts, like a combination wrench, may collect grime. Keep a steel brush around to wipe these tools clean. Check tools for moving parts, and lubricate them with WD-40 or some other oil-based lubricant.

Proper Storage

Keep your garage, your toolbox or wherever else your tools are kept as dry as possible. Tool racks should be placed in a location that is easy to access, but kept out of reach of children and minors. Whether you choose to use racks or toolboxes, group your similar tools together. Put torque wrenches with your other socket wrenches, keep screwdrivers together, and try to line tools up by size for easy reference.


Keep your blades as sharp as possible by sharpening them regularly. You should also check your tools for damage to moving parts, and use warranties as needed to replace these parts. Make sure that you have a system to tell your damaged tools apart from the ones that work, then get those tools serviced as quickly as possible.

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