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Winter is nearly here, which means it’s time to stay warm and toasty inside. Your home is supposed to be your protection from the outdoor elements, especially the during fall and winter months. This is possible through a home heating system or furnace. If you own one, then you know how wonderful it can be. But you also know it can be expensive to run.

So how do you enjoy a heated home without raising monthly energy costs? During a weak economy homeowners are always searching for ways to maximize their home heating units without increasing their energy bills. Here are a few ways you can improve the efficiency of your home heating system without adding more dollars to your energy bill.

Replace your heater filter on time. Your home is designed to keep the heat out; it is built with great installation and efficient seals including the windows and the doors. However, because of this the home can also trap contaminants such as dust, bacteria, and dirt, all of which get circulated back into the air you breathe. An older filter simply won’t do the job. Without a new Honeywell furnace filter, for example, your heater will simply circulate the unhealthy contaminates.

Replace your heater filter at least once a month to ensure that it works properly and capture contaminates. You can tell if your filter needs to be replaced if it is dark and dirty, or if it’s past the time designated by the manufacturer. When replacing the filter, make sure that you purchase the right size, such as 3m furnace filter.

Take advantage of the automatic precision control. Many of today’s modern heaters come with automatic, precision control. If you need a new heater, then purchase with this feature. If your current model has this feature, use it. It is designed to provide your home with the perfect amount of heat and airflow, even if it is freezing outside. Read the manual and learn how to use the custom settings to maximize your heating system year-round.

Keep the temperature down. While it seems obvious, many homeowners waste money on energy bills because the temperature is too hot. The best times to keep the temperature down are during the night and when you’re gone. What’s the perfect, most comfortable temperature? For most people, the best temperature is an average temperature between 68-72 degrees. Keeping it between 68 and 72 will keep you comfortable and help lower your heating bill.


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