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There’s nothing like a heated floor on cold mornings. If the first thing you do when you crawl out of bed is hop in the shower, stepping on the warm tiles can make the first moments in the morning a treasure. Entry way tiles, kitchen floors, and the like are improved by this miracle of modern engineering. They are easy to install, extremely affordable for all incomes, and do wonders to improve the feel of your home. What follows are a few things to consider when deciding whether electric heated floors are right for you.

Heated floors are safe for the whole family. Granted, they are powered by electricity, which can cause concern for some folks, especially since heated floors are typically located in places where floors get wet. However, once installed, electric floors are almost impossible to damage. In addition, the thermostats are designed to turn off if any issues, such as a short. Companies like Easy Heat consider safety to be a priority so there should be no worries or concerns.

Since we have touched upon the subject of electricity, let’s talk about the savings to your power bills. Heated tiles can actually reduce your climate control costs, with an average savings of 25 percent. Powering a floor uses very little electricity, enough to power an electric blanket or large television. With the amount of financial concerns that most Americans live with in recent years, this could be seen as a blessing. And with the savings to your monthly bills, having an ingenious device such as this pretty much pays for itself in the long run.

It is relatively easy to install. Anyone with any construction experience, especially dealing with laying tile, should have no issues putting a heated floor in place. At it’s most basic, the electric cable laced mat is embedded into the mortar with the tile as the top layer. That’s really all it is. And though a heated floor can’t be retrofitted onto existing tile, the process of installing new tiles is a pretty basic job. If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, that would probably be the perfect opportunity.

The most important thing to consider however is the comfort that is provided for you and your family by having a heated floor in your home. It provides warmth, safety, savings, and is relatively simple to install. In many ways, it just makes so much more sense to have one rather than the opposite. Heated floors are an amazing example of modern engineering, designed with the comforts of home in mind. And in no time, it could be in yours as well.


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