What to Store in Your Home’s Safe

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Your home is supposed to be your safe haven where you can be comfortable and secure. Unfortunately, statistics from the FBI show that crime rate is up and your home could be burglarized. For this reason, many homes have installed high security safes to keep their valuables intact. However, this leads to the next concern. What exactly should you store in your home’s safe?

The first thing you should put into your burglary safe is documents that contain your personal identification. Identity theft is rampant and, if you leave your Social Security cards and birth certificates where someone can steal them, you will have great financial trouble in the future.home-safe-tl-30You may also want to put documents pertaining to your mortgage and any other loans in the safe as these often contain your personal identification on them. Along with this paperwork, you will want to have insurance policies, copies of your will, and any safety deposit box keys that you may be holding onto.

You will also want to keep valuable jewelry and other keepsakes locked up tight and away from the eyes of potential thieves that may enter your home. With this being said, if your jewelry safe is fireproof, you will want to make CD copies of all your family pictures and place the CD in your safe in case of a fire.

A home safe provides you with extra security for you and your family. It is simply one more step you can take to protect you and your family.

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Preventative maintenance tips for garage doors

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1Written by Superior Garage Doors

Do you suspect that something is wrong with your garage door? Does it not open and close like you remember it?

The garage door is one of the most used things in the home. In some cases even more than the front door when there are multiple cars involved. With that sort of use there is going to be a lot of wear and tear over time.

Unless you have been doing preventative maintenance on your garage door regularly, then you should:

Check for any odd noises when the door opens and closes. Often times the simplest method can be used to identify issues. Sound is one such method. An unusual click, a grating noise, can all be signs of larger problems. This can cause issues and you might have to call in a garage door opener repair atlanta.

Also check the level of the door. Using either a level or a just simple eye test, check that neither side is higher than the other. If one side is, then that could mean several potential issues down the road. The first, and most likely is that one of the motors will be working harder and at a different load level than specified, this can result in a failed motor. The other is uneven wear and tear that could result in unnecessary replacements.

Prevention is better than cure, so conduct some regular maintenance and checks and prevent any untimely problems or call in garage door services atlanta to check it for you.


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