Economic Materials to Help You Create the Best Custom Cushions

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Economic Materials to Help You Create the Best Custom CushionsWritten by: Foam Factory, Inc.

Summary: Learn how to create quality cushions with good back support for a fraction of the cost.

Making your own cushions for whatever purpose has many advantages. Firstly, you can create the best cushion possible for the situation at hand. On top of that, DIY cushions are easy, inexpensive and fun to make. Here are just a few cheap yet durable cushion materials worth buying in bulk.

Vinyl Covering

While a handmade cushion can be clad with any material, polyvinyl (PVC) fabric is one of the best due to its toughness and water resistance. It can be used for everything from outdoor patio cushions to dog beds in Canada depending on your desired performance requirements.

Foam Filling

Naturally, the core of any good cushion is the foam inside. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find good foam in Canada that will make any cushion perform exactly as you desire. Standard polyurethane foam comes in a range of densities and can be up to 8 or more inches thick.


The final piece of the puzzle is welting, otherwise known as cording or piping. Welting cores can be plastic, rubber or even hemp depending on what you want. Having plenty of it on hand will make cushion creation a lot easier as you’re tinkering with various formulas.

Experimentation Is the Key

Nobody makes perfect custom cushions on their first try. That’s why it’s so important to have a lot of hardware on hand to make mistakes with. Keeping a lot of the aforementioned material around will save you time and money in the long run

Add Color this Summer with Cushion Replacements

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Add Color this Summer with Cushion Replacements

Written by: The Foam Factory

Summer is right around the corner, and you may already have thoughts of grilling out and lounging in the sun on your mind. Now is the perfect time to take stock of your outdoor decor and see if an upgrade would help you make the most of your outdoor oasis. If you are ready to upgrade your outdoor look, consider starting with your furniture. A cushion replacement is a cost effective and easy way to add color and personality to your outdoor furniture.

Re-upholstering your seat cushions rather than investing in buying completely new furniture, choosing new cushions can keep your style current and help you keep any wear and tear in your outdoor furniture nicely covered up and out of sight.

One of the current trends to keep an eye out for while picking out new cushions is a mix between solid colors and geometric prints. This season will bring fewer floral and tropical outdoor prints and more geometric and linear designs. Often times, a solid color cushion will be paired with a designed or patterned ones with a completely different base color paired together. Do not be afraid to branch out and embrace bright colors for your outdoor decor this season.

If you only do one thing to get your patio or deck ready for the warmer weather, consider replacing your furniture seat cushions with some bold and bright colors or patterns.

Security Still Remains an Issue with Homeowners Today

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Security-Still-Remains-an-Issue-with-Homeowners-TodayHome invasions remain a prevalent issue in today’s security concerns. Not only are many Americans ignoring the fact that their home remains a security liability but they’re also inviting burglars and crooks into their property by keeping a lax frontal set up. If you feel like you are one of the many homeowners that need to tighten up their security features, then here are some tips that will definitely help keep you and your family safe.

Reinforce Your Door

By reinforcing your door, you’re removing one of the biggest entryways on your entire home. Because burglars will naturally try to fiddle with the lock and handle, if they’re allowed to, they’ll try and kick your door in as well. It’s important that you keep it intact by installing a solid deadbolt lock. One that extends fully into the opening of the door jamb is ideal. You can also combine that with a metal strike plate, which you can find at any local hardware store, to further increase the security.

Install Motion-Detecting Lights

Intruders are often scared off when they have a bright light shone on them. They’re exposed and their actions can be seen. By installing a light source near the entryways of your doors, you’ll give them reason to leave your home. Be sure to install lights in the backyard of your home as well. You’d be surprised at the many ways that an intruder can get into your home. Don’t take any chances when it comes to home security.

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Memory Foam 101: How it Works and Why We Sleep Better On It

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Memory FoamWritten by: Foam Factory, Inc.

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard all about the wonders of memory foam. You know the commercials where they set a glass of red wine on the memory foam bed and then drop a bowling ball or show a child jumping on the other side, and then the glass of wine barely wobbles at all? Those commercials are demonstrating one of the best properties of memory foam, which is that it offers stability and firmness to both partners.

A queen-sized memory foam mattress won’t buckle under either of you, nor will it become lumpy over time. Even if you have a traditional mattress, memory foam sheets can provide additional support on either side of the bed.

There are secondary benefits to memory foam as well. Many people accumulate various aches and pains throughout their bodies, sometimes from sports injuries, trying too hard in their CrossFit class. If you don’t address the root causes for these problems, such as how your sleep and in what positions, you’re aggravating those injuries and making things worse for yourself. Swapping out your old feather or spring mattress for a queen memory foam mattress might be the best investment you make. Improved sleep means better productivity, higher mental capacity and more energy to tackle the day.

Even if you think you’re young and ache-free, you’ll be astounded to find that sleeping on a memory foam mattress will give you some of the best sleep you’ve ever had, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day without hesitation or your usual stretching routine you use to get rid of morning stiffness!


Enhance Your Home’s Interior Look by Focusing on these Details

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Enhance-Your-Home’s-Interior-Look-by-Focusing-on-these-DetailsCommitting to a specific style can be a puzzling and complex task for a homeowner that has little to no interior design experience. However, the next best thing that a homeowner can do is to understand what techniques and methods that interior designers utilize to achieve pro-level results.

Spatial Awareness

There are a variety of factors to consider with your space. Before you begin decorating and unleashing your creative outlet, you’re going to want to determine how much space you have to work with. Luxurious furnishings tend to look better when they actually fit within the room.

Commit to Your Style

By selecting a specific style that you want to work with, you’re defining a cohesive space for you to work with. It also simplifies the decorative process by narrowing down your options. It also helps to look around your home for items that fit the specific style that you’re going for, primarily for visual purposes.

Doors Can Compliment Your Room

With all the interior door styles available on the market, there’s bound to be one that fits your room’s style. The perfect door will compliment your space to the point where it is visually enthralling but doesn’t steal the rest of the room’s thunder, so to speak.

Solid wood interior doors are just one example of an aesthetically enhancing addition to your room. The natural look embraces almost any style, and can also be painted to the specific color that you’re looking for.

Colors Can Make a Statement

There’s no rule that states that you have to stick to one specific color. Streamline your palette by separating your colors into three – one complimentary color and two main colors. By doing so, you’ll still be able to display the vibrancy that you want your room to showcase as well as a calming factor that prevents it from becoming too extreme. While the color of your interior is your foundation, don’t forget that the accessories and furnishings that you place also hold significant value.

Ask Yourself Questions

How cozy do you want your space to be? Are there too many “loud” or shiny objects within the room that make it clash? What specific vibe do you get when you walk into this room? Continue to ask yourself questions in regards to the decorative aspects. Not only will this enhance the overall look, but you’ll naturally start to visualize it come together piece-by-piece.

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