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Memory FoamWritten by: Foam Factory, Inc.

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard all about the wonders of memory foam. You know the commercials where they set a glass of red wine on the memory foam bed and then drop a bowling ball or show a child jumping on the other side, and then the glass of wine barely wobbles at all? Those commercials are demonstrating one of the best properties of memory foam, which is that it offers stability and firmness to both partners.

A queen-sized memory foam mattress won’t buckle under either of you, nor will it become lumpy over time. Even if you have a traditional mattress, memory foam sheets can provide additional support on either side of the bed.

There are secondary benefits to memory foam as well. Many people accumulate various aches and pains throughout their bodies, sometimes from sports injuries, trying too hard in their CrossFit class. If you don’t address the root causes for these problems, such as how your sleep and in what positions, you’re aggravating those injuries and making things worse for yourself. Swapping out your old feather or spring mattress for a queen memory foam mattress might be the best investment you make. Improved sleep means better productivity, higher mental capacity and more energy to tackle the day.

Even if you think you’re young and ache-free, you’ll be astounded to find that sleeping on a memory foam mattress will give you some of the best sleep you’ve ever had, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day without hesitation or your usual stretching routine you use to get rid of morning stiffness!