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If you have A/C, you probably have a hard time imagining what life would be like without it. This is for good reason. A/C is more than just a prevalent modern amenity. Often, A/C helps keep people alive. But while A/C provides many comforts, you still need to be careful. Keep reading to find out about the risks you take if you don’t clean you’re A/C unit.

When A/C units pull in air for their fan coils to cool on your behalf, they have a filter system that cleans that air first. Otherwise, it would be spreading dirty air, which could cause serious problems. This filter should be cleaned every 3-6 months, depending on the brand. Check the label to make sure and then make sure you stick to doing it.

There are sometimes however, when your A/C will need to be cleaned prematurely. For example, if you’re A/C is making strange noises—like pounding, grinding or high pitch squealing sounds—your unit may need cleaning. It could also be broken.

If you use an industrial air conditioning system, you will also want to check in on them at least every quarter. Industrial units can need a lot more cleaning because so much more is demanded of them.

While A/C units are great, they must be cleaned regularly or they could be counterproductive. Instead of increasing your wellbeing, they’ll work against it by pumping out dirty air.


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