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While summertime is the perfect moment to throw a an ice cream party, you might already start thinking ahead for your next one. This would especially be the case if a member of your family has a birthday around summertime or if there is any summertime event that you would have liked to celebrate. The list below might help you in creating your to-do list for the ice cream party.

Ice Cream

Since you are hosting an ice cream party, you would be needing copious amounts of it. You might consider allowing at least two servings per guest when calculating the amount required for the party. Children’s servings would be around one cup of ice cream for the whole party. If vegetarians or vegan friends are coming around, you might consider dairy free and ice cream that do not contain gelatin. You can also provide frozen yogurt as a low fat content dessert.


Flavors should be diverse but you might keep classic classic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry as staples since these are the most popular ones. Otherwise you might consider asking your ice cream provider to make a different or new flavor just for the party.


You would be needing fruits, nuts are well as cookies to top the ice creams. You might also consider making or buying caramel and chocolate sauces.


You might consider getting your frozen yogurt supplies for the party by ordering them a few weeks in advance. You might be able to strike deals on frozen yogurt spoons and cups.

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