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Foam ProductsFoam is an extremely versatile material. From a memory foam mattress from Canada, to disposable cups, even the insulation in a house, we use foam in many products. In fact, we’re still creating new types of foam with all-new properties and uses. Memory foam was created by a NASA research center in the 1960s. And in 2015, researchers in Zurich created a foam out of gold! It’s pretty incredible to think of what new foam products will await us in the future, but there are also many products available today.

Foam Packaging

Packaging foam from Canada keeps other, more expensive products safe while they’re being transported. When dealing with mass produced items, the foam can be shaped to the product to minimize the additional bulk. And when the size and shape of products varies, smaller pieces of packaging foam can be used to fill the package and help prevent unwanted movement. Foam has helped provide a cost-effective solution for shipping in our modern world.

Temperature Efficiency

In order to help keep buildings efficient to keep a constant, comfortable temperature, many use some form of foam insulation. Whether it’s an open cell foam that is sprayed into place or a closed cell foam from Canada such as polystyrene insulation, foam is prized as an insulation material because of it’s highly thermal insulative nature and light weight.

Foam products can be soft and squishy, hard and durable, or anywhere inbetween and the product created from them are only limited by our imagination.

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