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Some things change and some things stay the same. And sometimes things do a little of both. Architecture and interior design is perpetually changing, but regardless of how modern or contemporary styles have become, the following door styles remain in demand:

Country Doors
Probably as American as the Craftsman style home, the Country design aesthetic is known to include functional augmentations, such as the “dutch door”. The Dutch Door is often seen in film where the top portion opens outward to the yard, while the bottom portion of the door remains stationary, creating a perfect place to cool the freshly baked apple pie.

Dutch Doors can be created from a solid door by your local carpenter; however, a Dutch Door can easily be purchased from a door manufacturer. ETO Doors has a range of dutch doors available for purchase at

Craftsman Doors
The Craftsman style was popularized prior to the mid-century modern craze of the 60s. Craftsman doors are identified by the “lites” or windows that are installed on the upper 1/4 of the door, and are often accompanied by the dentil shelves, which rest immediately below.

Dentil shelves are more fashion than form, but have become the trademark of the Craftsman door. Craftsman style homes, and their doors, are common in the Pacific Northwest as well as in pockets of Southern and Northern California.

The double-door is the mark of regality- it creates a grand entrance into your home, but also becomes incredibly handy when moving in large furniture, or preparing to host an event. It should be no surprise double-doors hearken from the Middle Ages prior where castles would have both doors open outward as a welcome to neighboring kingdoms or countries.

Double Doors both can be active (meaning both doors swing open); however, many times one of the doors remains inactive, which means that it will not swing like a normal door. Inactive doors typically can be opened by unlocking the flush-bolt that is installed on the upper interior side of the door. The flushbolt receiver is located in the header jamb of the door frame, which stabilizes the inactive door to the frame until its removed. The flushbolt system keeps the locking of an interior door simple, but secure.

Regardless of your style, one of these doors will likely fit your design aesthetic. Craftsman, Dutch Doors, and Double Doors are all available at, and if you want to speak with an experienced door specialist, call 888-DOORS-ETO.

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