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Written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division        

Do you want to purchase fake grass for your home or business? Many homeowners and businesses around the country are making the switch from natural grass landscaping to synthetic turf. And now it’s possible to find American-made artificial turf. What’ the difference between foreign and American products? Here are the top reasons to buy American-made artificial grass.

Support and Create American Jobs

Anytime you purchase American-made products you’re supporting existing jobs and helping to create new ones. This is also true when you purchase American-made synthetic turf. Artificial Turf Supply has 130 Service Centers located throughout the nation, all of which are run and operated by American staff. Our company also owns several manufacturing facilities, which means you will also be supporting the American manufacturing industry.

High-Quality Products

Many synthetic turf companies send their products to be made in manufacturing facilities overseas. With low-quality parts and cheap labor, these companies end up getting low-quality products. However, Artificial Turf Supply uses only high-quality American-made parts. What’s more, they manufacture their products right here in the states, where the team can oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process.

If you’re concerned about supporting our economy and purchasing higher-quality products, you will love the high-quality American-made synthetic turf available through Artificial Turf Supply.

Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division is a division of Artificial Turf Supply that offers artificial grass for residential and commercial applications.

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