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Does your home or place of business need new floors? Instead of adding new floors, consider adding a floor medallion. Decorative tiles such as floor medallions can add character and charm to basic floors and backsplashes. These unique designs can transform plain surfaces into the centerpieces of the home. They can enhance a basic floor design in any area, from the bathroom and kitchen to the living room and the foyer.

In addition to enhancing the look of plain floors, decorative tiles such as stone floor medallions can also be used to add weight to a special architectural feature of a room. Whether you’re updating your home or place of business, use a floor medallion to highlight an entryway or an alcove.

Along with floor medallions, another way to update your home is by using backsplash medallions. Use a backsplash medallion to add style and beauty to a range hood. Or you can use it as artwork on a wall. Finally glass and stone medallions can also be used to enhance your home or to act as a curtain between one area and another.

Before you purchase a new medallion for your floors or backsplash, make sure to talk to a professional. A professional can help you select a medallion that fits your home setting. This means selecting the right colors, texture, and style. You will also need assistance with selecting the grout, as some grout might be more expensive than others. Here’s a look at the most popular medallions for floors and backsplashes.

Medallions: A medallion is a round decoration made of glass, tile, marble, or granite that can be placed in floors. While most medallions are found, you can also find round medallions with square frames, oval medallions, and rectangular medallions.

Backsplashes: These beautiful works of art are ideal for backsplashes above the stoves and sinks in the kitchen. They are usually made or marble or glass. Most companies offer predesigned pieces, but custom-made pieces can also be ordered.

Marble Mosaics: A marble mosaic can be installed in residential or commercial floors as well as backsplashes in the kitchen. It is different from a medallion because it is a pattern without a round border.

Stained glass mosaics: If you want a mosaic but don’t want marble, you can purchase it in stained glass. A stained glass mosaic is ideal in areas of your home where the sun shines through.


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