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If you live in areas that are extremely cold, you’ll find that walking on the floor with your bare feet is a huge no no. and that’s primarily because the floor may very well be too darn cold for walking! That’s where underfloor heatingand heated flooringcome into the picture. Since we all know that cold air is heavier than warm air, that means that cold air likes to settle at the bottom while warm air likes to settle on top. And since the floor is obviously at the lowest point of any room it’s pretty safe to assume that the floor is relatively cooler than the ceiling. If you want to keep your home properly heated, then you should definitely get floor heaters. This is especially important to people who have trouble walking on cold floors because it triggers their bowel movement for some reason. Other than that, this is also the ideal product to have for anyone who does not like walking on stone cold floors. And that is pretty much just about anyone who hates getting their feet cold. It takes more than just centralized heating to properly provide heating for your home. And your floor, perhaps, is one of the areas that can easily be overlooked due to the fact and assumption that regular heating is enough to heat your entire home. You can attest to this yourself, right? Your floor can get pretty cold especially in the winter where temperatures come pretty close to the freezing point.


Radiant Floor Heat is very important especially in places that experience extremely cold weather. Can you imagine walking on ice cold flooring?

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