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Producing gourmet gelato is a fairly competitive niche industry so here follow some tips for starting your own successful gelato shop. If you’re planning on opening your own gelateria it is vital you have the passion and skills to produce premier gelato. It is also important you stay up to date with industry innovations and search out creative, new flavors; this will distinguish you from other gelato shops, and keep your regulars happy while attracting new trade.

Beyond your overheads (rental, wages, and utilities) which are relatively low for a gourmet food business, the specialist machinery needed to produce gelato accounts for the largest share of your investment outlay. The expected food costs are also low at around 20 percent but as the unit price is also generally lower, you need to ensure adequate trade volume to turn a healthy profit.

This means picking the perfect location for your gelateria. Your gelato shop doesn’t need to be large, it just needs to be ideally placed to capture the passing trade. Make sure your décor is bright and attractive to match the delicious gourmet gelato you are selling. You will also need ice cream shop supplies such as frozen yoghurt spoons etc.

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