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When you are landscaping your property, you may not immediately think about the importance of fencing. However, fencing is a major component of your home’s exterior, and selecting high-quality, attractive fencing is important to give your home the best curb appeal possible. Fencing made of wood, aluminum, or plastic is common, which means that you see it all the time. To really make a statement with your fencing, choose a material that is as uncommon in fences as it is beautiful — glass. Selecting semi frameless glass fencing from Dimension 1 Glass will make your property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

If you are simply looking to fence in your pool area, rather than a larger part of your property, Dimension 1 Glass has solutions that include frameless glass pool fences with a wide variety of mounting and finishing options. The hardware the company mounts the fences with is available in many different metal finishes, including anodised aluminum, aluminum nickel coated, and stainless steel.

Whether you are simply looking to surround your pool for safety reasons or enclose a larger outdoor area with a beautiful, modern fencing system, frameless or semi frameless glass fencing from Dimension 1 Glass may be the answer for you. If you are looking for pool fencing sydney, you can be sure that Dimension 1 Glass will provide you an eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant fence system that will wow the neighbors and add value to your home and property.

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