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By: The Foam Factory

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture out of the blue just becauseĀ  you saw that it was cheap while walking along the road? Or perhaps was it a really good deal from your friend? You feel so happy and excited about it until you sit on it for a long period of time. You then realize that although it was cheap and it looks nice, it does not provide adequate comfort as the cushion filling of these have already been worn over time. Fortunately, replacing these cushions do not take too much effort neither do they cost a lot.

Foam is a medium which provides lift of cushioning by keeping air in between the many individual cells. Over time, however, these cells get smaller and smaller as you sit or put weight on it. Eventually, there will come a time when they just do not provide you with the padding that you need. When this happens, you normally replace the whole foam altogether, but that normally costs a lot. Now, they have found a way to recycle worn out cushions by simply opening them and replacing the old foam with new foam inserts. Because you are using the old casings, the look of your furniture will not change, but the padding can be increased or decreased by changing the amount of foam inserts.

Replacing the foam with inserts instead of the whole cushion is simple and cost effective, transforming your once worn out lounge chair into feeling new.

The Foam Factory sells foam inserts that you can stuff into old foam casings so that you wont need to have to buy new cushions every time they get worn.

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