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Although there are several different types of door handles, they all perform the same purpose — opening and closing the door. Different door knobs will also have similar parts. Understanding how the different parts of a door handle works will help you in installing or replacing your door knob.

Spindle and Screw Post: When you buy a door knob for your door, what you are actually buying is two separate knobs. One of these goes on the outside of the door and one of them goes on the inside. They are connected by the screw posts, which are long, cylindrical metal pieces run through the door. Inside of the screw posts is the spindle, which serves as the turning mechanism for the door handle. If the spindle is missing or broken, the door knob won’t work.

External Knobs: The external knobs are what close and open the door. They are on both sides of the door and one of the handles will usually have a locking mechanism that allows the door to get locked. The external knobs sit on the stem, which is a round part that is attached to the door. Small parts of the knob mechanism such as the screw posts and spindle sit in between each of the two stems inside of the door.

Dead Latch: The dead latch is a large piece of metal that keeps the door in place when it is closed. When you turn the door when the door is open, you will see it as small piece of metal that juts into the side of the door when the handle is turned and retracts when the handle is released.

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