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Manufacturers vary in their acquisition of raw materials, milling procedures and quality of finish used on their products. When homeowners decide to install bamboo flooring, they may be tempted to save a few bucks by using a cheap outlet store. The best finish to use on bamboo flooring is aluminum oxide. It’s environmentally friendly, and it is one of the most durable, long lasting finishes on the market.
Bamboo flooring is some of the hardest types of wood flooring available for installation. Bamboo wood flooring hardness is comparable to Northern Red Oak, a popular choice for most hardwood flooring. But depending on the type of finish used, it can be easily scratched. Scratching can be prevented by using a high quality finish. Bargain outlets that sell cheap bamboo flooring only use the cheapest materials to treat the planks, which means even a light laundry basket can scratch the material. Like any hardwood floor, using an area rug or floor runner in high traffic areas can help your bamboo flooring last longer.
Cheap outlets may be using bamboo that is harvested after only 90 days. It’s true that bamboo can grow back in three months, but it’s not nearly as durable unless it has matured for about 5 to 7 years. Despite this time needed for re-growth, bamboo flooring is far more sustainable than hardwood flooring. Pine, oak, and maple trees commonly used in traditional hardwood floors take a minimum ten years to regenerate. However, they usually take much longer, and many types of hardwood trees take up to 120 years to grow back.


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