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The trusty hammer will always have its place in any home toolbox but when it is time to tackle a larger job, you may want to consider an air nailer to make things easier.

Have you ever taken on a medium sized to large home project and felt ready to give in at the thought of driving in one more nail? Using an air nailer can make remodeling easier than ever. Imagine the speed and accuracy you can achieve when installing new counter tops or building a new deck.

The benefits of an air gun eliminates the need of having an extra hand. You can position the item you are nailing and place the nail gun directly on the target of where you want to drive in the nail. The speed and accuracy of the nail gun gets the nail in with the squeeze of the trigger. This also prevents splitting of wood in woodworking projects.

There are so many brands and models of air nailers available today that the competition keeps the costs down. Now hobbyists and home carpenters can afford to have these once expensive tools as part of their tool collection. You can still find nail guns on sale at local hardware stores and even better deals can be found online when searching for used or refurbished models. Refurbished air nailers can often be purchased for half off a new model and often come with a warranty.

Air nailer accessories have also become much more affordable. New air compressors can be found for one hundred dollars or less. They can also be purchased used – saving even more money. Don’t let the refurbished models of air nailers and compressors scare you. They are just as good as new models and last just as long if not longer.

Give the old hammer a break on your next big project. Once you discover the ease of use, speed, and efficiency that an air nailer brings, you may not want to go back to using a regular hammer.

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