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When it comes to your home appliances, few probably seem as essential as your washing machine. Everyone’s washed their dishes by hand before, but most of us would be at a loss if we had to wash our own clothes.

But as important as washing machines are, they’re actually far from essential. No, I’m not suggesting you fill up a bucket and grab some soap before hanging clothes from a line. It’s just that there are better options out there.

Take a mini washing machine, for example. These compact mechanisms resemble a blender and could fit on most tabletops without issue. Best of all, they can still get the job done and in about half the time.

What’s their secret? Well while they do have a unique technology all their own, that’s far from what makes them so special. Mini washing machines are so great because they only take small loads.

How many times have you needed just the one shirt washed for tomorrow? Or you wanted to wear your favorite pair of jeans, but they had a stain? Imagine if you could just toss them in a blender-sized machine and have them nice and clean in no time!

If you insist on sticking with your conventional washer, you should at least consider an alternative septic system. Every washing machine needs a septic system, but most aren’t up to the task. An alternative system will offer the same results, while keeping your machine working longer.


Article submitted by The Laundry Alternative. The company sells alternatives to the conventional washing machine that save both time and money.

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