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Modern Style Door Handle

Article by Blazing House

Securing your front door with a high-grade lock or a reinforced jamb is one of the most important preventative measures that you can take against burglaries. Many standard doors that come straight from the factory aren’t equipped with a secure lock – especially the ones on the lower end of the price tag. Also, many hollow doors can be easily broken into due to the core’s fragile nature. If you’re going to beef up your security, consider replacing the door locks with something a little more “burglar-proof”.

Replace Your Strike Plate

The deadbolt strike plate can be replaced for a stronger box strike model, which will improve the door’s ability to withstand high amounts of pressure. A standard strike plate might only be sturdy enough to hold the door shut. With a forceful kick, it could easily give way, allowing the intruder to enter your home.

Replace the Door Jambs

Replacing the door jambs can also provide an additional layer of toughness to your doors. Door reinforcement kits are also useful in that it will help prevent door frames from splitting, making it harder for a burglar to kick in your door.

Consider Swapping Door Materials

Hollow-cored doors are not meant to be used as entry doors. There are little layers of wood that stand between the intruder and your home. If you want a more secure door and something that will provide more resistance, look into a hardwood door or a steel door. If you want maximum protection, hurricane-rated doors are solid options that won’t crack under pressure.


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