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Written by: Wicker Paradise

As the year draws to a close, those in-the-know about fashion are already thinking about the future. Mainly, the patio is becoming more modern. New fabrics and dyes allow cushions to sit in the sun longer and retain their color. Improvements in weatherproofing are helping furniture to last longer, and making outdoor furniture in wicker a popular choice for the coming year. Here are a few of the popular trends that will make their way to your patio this year.

Durability Meets Style

Durable used to mean utilitarian, without style, but that’s not the case anymore. An outdoor wicker daybed can be kept out all year long with minimal care now that there are new fabrics on the market. Cushions also have softer weaves to them, meaning they are more comfortable all year long.

UV Resilience

Another key factor in any outdoor wicker chaise or lounge is UV durability. Wicker is one of the best substances on the planet to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun. The frame of the furniture is also made of aluminum, which is well built for nearly all weather conditions. If you do need to move your furniture, the aluminum frame will make it easier to do so.


Another reason why wicker is in right now has to do with the price. Modern wicker furniture is made of high-quality resin or polyethylene, so it’s affordable and stylish. The materials are lightweight, so owners have many options to position and move them throughout the year. You can literally have a new back yard each time guests come over.

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