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When it’s cold outside, the home furnace is your trusted friend, the unit that keeps you warm and toasty. A home furnace is also expensive, which is why it’s important to properly take of the unit. Proper care of your furnace will extend the life of the unit and improve the quality of the air inside your home.

Maintaining your home furnace is easy. There are many simple yet effective things you can do to keep it in great shape, including checking the pilot light and lubricating the blower motor. But this article focuses on the furnace filter. Learn the purpose of a furnace filter, when to check the filter, and how to purchase a replacement filter.

Furnace Filter 101

Before you can take proper care of your furnace, it’s important to understand the purpose of the filter. The purpose of a filter inside the furnace or heating system of your home is to trap contaminants in the air. Why is this important? The construction of homes has improved over the years, which means your home has pretty good insulation compared to homes 50 years ago. But with good insulation comes another problem: dust and contaminants get trapped inside your home, polluting the very air you breathe. For many people, the contaminated air is the cause of allergies. Luckily, a proper filter can trap these contaminants from going back into the air.

When to Check the Filter

The appropriate time to check the filter in your furnace depends on your home environment. For example, you might have to change the filter more often if someone smokes inside the home. Other reasons that might require more frequent filter replacement include regular cooking fumes, and excess dirt and dust. To be safe, it’s recommended to check the filter once a month. If the filter is dirty, it’s time to replace it.

How to Purchase a Replacement Filter

In order to replace your filter, you will need to find the right size and model filter from a retailer that specializes in replacement filters. For example, Your Filter Connection makes it easy for consumers to find the filter they need by size and brand. While you might want to save money, it’s not recommended to go with generic filters. Generic filters might not work as well as high-quality filters that have been designed for your furnace. What’s more, a cheap or generic filter might actually hurt your furnace.


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