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The old heavy equipments were clunky looking but lasted long time. At the end of a machines lifetime, it was used for scrap metal. Some people save them because of their historical value. Today, heavy equipments are sophisticated and don’t look massive. More and more heavy machinery have become smooth and easy to operate.

The biggest issue regarding heavy equipment is the cost. These machines can run an equipment bill for thousands of dollars. Now more and more businesses own their heavy machinery. In the long run, owning is cost effective. Especially when buying from a company like Hoists Direct, a business can own quality heavy equipments. The company is specialized in any type of hoists. There are many ways to operate modern day heavy equipments. Some use electricity, compressed air, or even manual power. Whether they are operated by manually, using electricity or air, Hoists Direct carries all three kinds of hoists in well known brand names.

The hoists are extremely useful when moving heavy items from one place to the other but the air hoist is used for a different kind of task. When vehicles are subjected to thorough service, the underbelly needs a good cleanup. It is the only way to remove mud, sand and debris glued to small spaces in that area. To check the underbelly of a vehicle it has to be hoisted so the mechanics can take a good look. The purpose of an air hoist is to raise the vehicle above ground level.

Another commonly used heavy equipment piece is come-along. This equipment is basically a spool of rope or metal wire with a brake to control. This equipment is used for pulling motor vehicles, boats and ships. Come-along is easy to transport because it is a small piece of machinery. This equipment comes in different capacities according to the weight they can lift. Generally a come-along can lift closer to three tons. Some of them have the length of rope or metal wire more than ten feet.

In mining and construction industries, hoist is an important piece of equipment. To move boulders, or lower something from a higher place hoists are used. The oldest method of operating a hoist was manual labor. When the electric chain hoist was developed in the early 1900s, moving and lowering heavy things became much easier. Especially the portability of this equipment is a great advantage to the construction and mining industries. Using human labor for these tasks can cost a lot more. Also, business owners will have to think about workers’ safety. One careless accident can make a small company go completely bankrupt.

Companies that are in construction and mining businesses, it is very important to buy strong and durable equipments Hoist Direct is the best place to shop.


Guest Post provided by Hoists Direct which is well-stocked with heavy equipments. The company’s air hoist is ideal for garages when cleaning up the underbelly of motor vehicles.

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