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As the weather warms and brightens, it’s a great time to start working on home improvement projects. By following a few tips from Lou Manfredini, home improvement expert and Skil Power Tools Ambassador, tackling DIY projects is as easy as one-two-three.

Have the right tools to get the job done. A combination of power and hand tools will go a long way toward tackling projects all around the house. Having a cordless drill, circular saw, sander and jigsaw on hand, along with an array of nails, screws, a staple gun and a hammer, will make any project a cinch to begin. Keep your tools in one location, in the garage, basement or shed, so you can easily take an inventory before getting started. If you need additional tools or accessories, you can easily figure out what to purchase.

Use your resources. Sometimes beginning a home improvement project can be difficult if you are unsure of where to start. Reference magazines, home improvement television shows, the Internet and local hardware stores to find how-to help on such various plans as building a deck, creating the ideal swing set or pruning trees. Start with projects that match your skill level and move up from there.

Play it safe. Whether you’re using power tools or hand tools, your personal safety should always be a primary concern. Wear safety glasses when using tools; read all instruction manuals; match accessories to the project, for instance use appropriately sized drill bits for the job at hand; and do not wear loose clothing, which can easily get in the way. Following these safety tips will help minimize any mishaps.

Confidence is half the battle. When working on home improvement projects it is important to have confidence in your abilities. If you are new to DIY projects, start slow and work on smaller projects that are less intimidating. As you gain confidence in your abilities, move on to more complex projects. In no time, your neighbors will catch wind that you’re a wiz in the workshop and you’ll be helping them build their kids’ Pinewood Derby Cars or providing an extra set of hands on their projects.

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