The Many Uses of Foam Around the Home

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Polyurethane foam from Canada can be one of the most useful substances to keep around the house. It’s in nearly everything you use throughout the day, from your bed to your patio furniture. If you learn how to work with it, you can repair almost anything in your home. If your old couch is sagging, your dining room chairs aren’t as comfortable, or you’re looking to touch up old patio furniture, these tips for using foam will help.



A polyurethane foam mattress has multiple advantages over the standard cloth kind of mattress. For one, the durability is almost double or triple what you’d expect from a regular bed. If you purchase natural latex, it doesn’t have “off-gassing” typically associated with memory foam mattresses. That means no strong scents left over from the manufacturing process.

It’s also quite comfortable, with a firm surface area designed to cradle the body to sleep without leaving an imprint.


Polyurethane foam sheets are also found in sofa cushions, where they provide the back support we need to relax and unwind. If your sofa is starting to show its age, consider revamping it with some foam sheets. They can be cut to size, even custom shapes like t-cushions. Order the zie and thickness you need, unzip the cover and toss the old foam. You might even consider re-upholstering if you plan to sell your old couch.

Outdoor foam varieties with open cells are also valuable for patio upgrades. Outdoor foam allows moisture to pass through, and makes the material extra breathable. Outdoor foam is also anti-microbial, which prevents mold and bacteria from growing. If left outdoors, it can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.


Acoustic foam is an innovation designed for studios, but it works well in homes that have entertainment centers and home theaters installed. The various designs each have different effects on sound, ultimately helping to insulate the room. Those in apartments might want to upgrade just to eliminate neighbors complaining about the bass in loud movies.

Special designs also work well to reduce treble, or reflect sound elsewhere around the space. If you’re considering podcasting, you’ll want foam inside of a small space (like a room or a closet) so you can get high quality recordings.

Final Thoughts

Foam is one of the most versatile materials on Earth, with a variety of uses inside and outside the home. If you’re considering some upgrades, it can be quite cost effective to custom cut foam shapes.
Foam Factory, Inc. manufactures custom-cut polyurethane foam sheets designed for use inside the home. Located in Southeast Michigan, Foam Factory, Inc. ships nationwide.

Expediting Construction Delay Claims

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Construction delays are costly. Sadly, construction delay claims can drag on indefinitely before a claimant is able to obtain appropriate compensation for the underlying problem. There are some strategies that can be employed in order to expedite a claim made in regard to an inappropriately delated construction project.

Construction Mediation

One avenue worth exploring when it comes to a claim related to a delay is construction mediation. There are construction mediators that focus on this type of claim with regularity.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process. Through mediation, a professional mediator works with the parties to reach a reasonable resolution of a dispute. A mediator, such as Lyle Charles, does not make decisions for those involved in the mediation.

Retaining Experts

One reason that a resolution of a claim related to a construction delay can be delayed itself arises from a purported lack of evidence to support the claim. In these situations, it helps to have someone on your side who can explain, in non-technical terms and easy to understand language, what’s going on in the case. This person can shed light on  facts, provide authoritative testimony and help offer a neutral perspective.

For example, if the contractor claims the delay was the result of an issue relating structural steel used in the project, the contractor may claim that the delay was beyond its reasonable control. Retaining the services of a structural steel expert can assist in eliminating the roadblock. Such an expert can explain that the delay actually was the fault of the contractor and not some other subcontractor or third party. In short, an appropriate expert can be invaluable in moving a claim for a delayed construction project forward.