Finding the Right Type of Wood Species for Your Front Door

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Wood Species for Your Front DoorWritten by ETO Doors.


Selecting the right type of wood for your new exterior wood doors can play a significant role in your overall happiness once they are installed. You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to types of wood for your front doors. Finding the one that is right for you largely comes down to personal preference.


Of course, you don’t have to be limited to just one type of wood. Some of the most attractive wooden front doors use a mixture of two or more types of woods. The different colors and grains of these woods can create an intriguing contrast that will draw attention to your doors.


Here is a look at some of the more popular types of wood that are used in wood doors:


Mahogany: This wood is frequently used for furniture such as desks and chairs but is also a popular choice for front doors. It’s rich and dark natural color make it a sumptuous choice for adding drama to an entryway. It also easily accepts stains, making it easy to change its look.


Knotty Alder: This hardwood is frequently used for exterior doors because it has a strong look with bold grains and attractive swirls. Knotty alder in particular has a rustic look which is ideal for homeowners who are want a natural look for their entryways.


Douglas Fir: This is a smooth and soft wood that tends to have an even and straight grain. It is light in appearance, with knots that make beautiful swirls throughout the door. As it is exposed to light, its color will get redden. It’s a great choice for front doors because of its look and because it is very resistant to damages from weather.


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Reasons to Install French Doors

Written by ETO Doors.


French doors are one of the most popular choices for interior doors. They are a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and class to their home. They are also incredibly versatile, making them a perfect addition to almost any home regardless of the interior design or architecture. Here are a few of the reasons why French doors are one of the best interior door styles:

Getting Light Into a Room

One of the key features of interior French doors is the use of glass as a design element. French doors usually have several windows or glass elements, or even a large piece of glass with wood accents. This means that they let in a tremendous amount of light. If you are looking for an interior door that is facing a den or office space, this can be a perfect way to make your room feel brighter.

Opening Up Space

A French door is a great solution if you want to make a room feel bigger than it is. This is because of the use of glass throughout the door, which opens up the space and makes it feel larger and more inviting.

Wide Range of Designs

Shopping for French interior doors is fun for many people because of the many different design options that are available. This starts with the use of glass. Depending on how the glass windows are integrated, you can have a classic look or one that is completely modern. Using different types of glass can also change the look and feel of a French interior door. You’ll never have to settle for a door design that you don’t like when you are looking for French interior doors.

Plenty of Material Options

Interior French doors have traditionally been made from wood, which is still a popular choice for homeowners who want a classic look. However, there are now many different types of French door materials to choose from. You can select a French door that uses fiberglass, steel or aluminum depending on which one will fit best with the rest of your home.

Energy Efficiency

French doors are more than just stylish; they are also very energy efficient. They are very airtight and do a good job of reducing leaks that can cause you to use more heating or air conditioning than you need. You can extend the energy efficiency of your French doors by using high-efficiency glass.


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Finding the Right Type of Couch Cushion for Your Home

Couch cushions may not sound like it would be too hard to shop for but if you want the best fit for your comfort, you’re going to have to consider your options.

sofa (1)

If you’re looking for couch foam that’s firm when you sit, take a look at all-foam cushions. Meant for more support, this is a popular option that’s primarily made with a high-density foam core so you don’t sink in. The ridges that are on top of the foam provide comfort as well as stability. The good thing about this also is that you don’t need to fluff it after you get off of it unlike feather-filled cushions.

Spring down couch cushions utilize core springs surrounded by a foam box. Another comfortable option, it provides support but a little more softness in the base as the springs give way to your body weight. These cushions do need to be fluffed to maintain its shapely appearance.

A blendown is a much thinner type of foam with layers of poly-fiber blend and polyester wrapped around its base. A luxurious cushion it looks and acts like a pillow. A little less firm than many people like, but are still great to use as replacement cushions. They do require fluffing after each sitting because of their pronounced look.  Many people use these types of cushions on decorative sofas because of their aesthetic beauty.

One good tip to remember is you get what you pay for. When it comes buying a sofa, the cheaper the quality is, the fewer options you will have at replacing the cushions. You don’t always have to settle with the most expensive sofa. However, they do offer more luxury options as well as comfort levels that other sofas cannot match.

Take some time to visit a store that has model sofas on display and feel how plump or soft they are when you sit down. Keep in mind that they break in after a while so they may feel a bit stiff at first. By trying out different cushions, you’ll get an idea on which one suits you the best. You don’t want to get stuck with a couch cushion that provides little to no comfort. Hopefully these tips will give you an idea on what type of cushion you want in your household. Remember to look for quality if you want your foam to last through the tests of life.
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Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

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Benefits-of-a-Memory-Foam-MattressMemory foam mattresses aren’t as new and mysterious as they used to be, however many still don’t know much more about them than they do quantum physics. There are many potential benefits to sleeping on a memory foam or latex mattress from Canada, and switching to one may help you sleep soundly through the night.

A memory foam mattress from Canada softens by the heat of your body, which allows it to conform to your body. Some people complain that this traps the heat and can get too warm, however it is also often described as a feeling of weightlessness or floating, and can help alleviate stress on your back leading to less pain throughout the night.

If you sleep with a restless partner on a traditional mattress from Canada, you may have experienced their movements keeping you from getting a good night’s rest. However, memory foam is great at absorbing movement without disturbing the rest of the bed. Your partner can toss and turn or get out of bed as much as they wish and all the while the memory foam will be helping to keep you undisturbed.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is quite different than a traditional spring, and has many potential boons for you. For one, you’ll feel better support on your neck, shoulders and back. Memory foam also has the potential to last much longer than the average spring mattress.

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