Keeping Cool without Central Air Conditioning

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Written by MovinCool

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s about to get really hot in some places of the country. If you live in a home or an apartment building without central air conditioning, this can be a problem. While most of us can’t wait for summer, the heat can be dangerous for people including the elderly and young children who do not have central air conditioning.

But it doesn’t have to be. So how can you keep cool without purchasing central air? Here are few tips to help you stay cool during the warm summer months.

Purchase a portable room air conditioner. Just because you don’t have central air doesn’t mean you can enjoy the luxuries of an air conditioner unit. The closest solution for a home or apartment building with air conditioning is a portable air conditioning unit. Portable air conditioners are designed to cool down small spaces, including apartments and office buildings

Buying a portable room air conditioner is easy. First, find out the size of the room you wish to cool down. Next, look for a portable AC unit that matches your needs. For a single room, you will need a basic portable air conditioner for individual hot spots. These are the same units that most companies use to cool down hot spots in the office. Some features to consider when buying a portable A/C unit include quiet performance, easy-to-use controls, and a remote control.

Install a ceiling fan. In addition to a potable room air conditioner, you can install a ceiling fan in each room in the house. Depending on your budget, you might want to invest in both or just one. A ceiling fan is a cost-effective way to cool down any room in the home, including bedrooms, the kitchen, and even the family room. One of the best things about a ceiling fan is that it is not only practical, but also stylish. Ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, making it easy for you to purchase a fan that matches your existing home décor.

Avoid turning on the oven. Even if you have portable air conditioning units and ceiling fans, you can quickly lose the cool air simply by turning on the hot oven. Avoid turning on the oven and other heat-producing machines such as the dryer and the dishwasher in the middle of the day. Instead, use the oven in the early morning or late at night. To cook food, consider using the stovetop.
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Heated Floors Add Value and Comfort

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Written byEZ Floor Heat

With so many options for renovating your home, you may feel a bit paralyzed by all the choices in front of you. While this is a great problem to have, it’s still a problem all the same and one you’d probably like to avoid. Instead of going with one of the more common choices that will be, quite frankly, boring in the end, consider going with heated floors.

Infloor heat has become more and more popular over the past few year thanks to a couple of changes. One has been the potential to install it long after your home is built. The other is just updates in technology that have helped bring the price down.

Choose any (or every) home in your house for heated floors and you’ll immediately add comfort and value to the property. With tile heating, your bathroom can become warmer than you ever imagined. Say goodbye to the days of stepping out of your nice warm shower only to immediately shiver from the cold surroundings.

Even carpeted floors can benefit from heated floors. You’ll never mind spending any time on the floor when it’s both carpeted and heated at the same time.


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Playroom Door Ideas

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The playroom (or bedroom) of a child is the center of their universe for the first part of any child’s life.  And while technology undoubtedly has the bulk of their attention these days, there’s a few ways to add intrigue and creativity to your child’s mind using none other than their bedroom or playroom door.

    1. Chalkboard Door.  There’s something fun about chalk, despite being able to paint in all the colors of the rainbow on a tablet or iPad, most kids cherish the opportunity to use chalk on a sidewalk.  The texture, noise, and colors are hard to imitate with an iPad app.  So bring the fun inside using chalk paint on the interior of your child’s bedroom door.  In three simple steps: prep, prime, and paint, your child could be on his/her way to creating a whole new world right on their door.
    2. Art Gallery. If your door has panels or other symmetric spaces, you can use those spaces to display schoolwork, art or photos.  An 8-panel door is really just eight places for family and friend pictures.  And if you use easy-remove adhesive, you can rotate the pictures with relative easy, keeping your child’s space an every-evolving photo gallery of his/her constantly changing world.
    3. Storage. A child’s room can become cluttered with bulky toys and books, but creating a simply DIY storage on the back of the door can increase the square footage available in your child’s room for actual play space.  If a secure closing option is included on the door storage, clean-up time becomes a safe and easy process.  Stores like Ikea and Target have lots of over the door storage options, or you can create your own storage system with the help of online sites like Pinterest and

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