Reasons to Invest in a Floor Medallion

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Does your home or place of business need new floors? Instead of adding new floors, consider adding a floor medallion. Decorative tiles such as floor medallions can add character and charm to basic floors and backsplashes. These unique designs can transform plain surfaces into the centerpieces of the home. They can enhance a basic floor design in any area, from the bathroom and kitchen to the living room and the foyer.

In addition to enhancing the look of plain floors, decorative tiles such as stone floor medallions can also be used to add weight to a special architectural feature of a room. Whether you’re updating your home or place of business, use a floor medallion to highlight an entryway or an alcove.

Along with floor medallions, another way to update your home is by using backsplash medallions. Use a backsplash medallion to add style and beauty to a range hood. Or you can use it as artwork on a wall. Finally glass and stone medallions can also be used to enhance your home or to act as a curtain between one area and another.

Before you purchase a new medallion for your floors or backsplash, make sure to talk to a professional. A professional can help you select a medallion that fits your home setting. This means selecting the right colors, texture, and style. You will also need assistance with selecting the grout, as some grout might be more expensive than others. Here’s a look at the most popular medallions for floors and backsplashes.

Medallions: A medallion is a round decoration made of glass, tile, marble, or granite that can be placed in floors. While most medallions are found, you can also find round medallions with square frames, oval medallions, and rectangular medallions.

Backsplashes: These beautiful works of art are ideal for backsplashes above the stoves and sinks in the kitchen. They are usually made or marble or glass. Most companies offer predesigned pieces, but custom-made pieces can also be ordered.

Marble Mosaics: A marble mosaic can be installed in residential or commercial floors as well as backsplashes in the kitchen. It is different from a medallion because it is a pattern without a round border.

Stained glass mosaics: If you want a mosaic but don’t want marble, you can purchase it in stained glass. A stained glass mosaic is ideal in areas of your home where the sun shines through.


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Filter that Air

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You care for your health, and your family’s health as well. You take every precaution to ensure that your family is kept in pink of health, from annual check-ups to being up-to-date on every vaccination possible, no steps are left out in maintaining the best bill of health for you and your family. You bring home only the freshest food, prepared in the cleanest, most sanitary way possible to ensure that your family gets only the best nutrition to keep their tummies and bodies strong and happy. You clean the house with fervor and much gusto, making sure that every nook and cranny are left spotless. You have everything locked down, or do you?

Have you ever thought about the air you and your family breathes? There are millions and millions of pollutants floating around in the very air we breathe. No matter how sheltered or how indoor we are, the air we breathe is still a buffet of pollutants, contaminants, and allergens. Protect you and your family by equipping your home with furnace filters. By making sure your air is filtered by high-performance air filters not only do you ensure that your air is clean and allergen free, but you also help to ensure that your family stays sickness free when they are at home. High-performance air filters and furnace filters work by using electrostatically charged filter media to strain out the air of pollutants, contaminants and allergens to make sure you only breathe clean and fresh air.


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The Many Uses of Residential Foam

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Foam is a versatile material. When it comes to commercial applications, foam can be used for thermal insulation, shock absorption, and in packaging. However, what many homeowners don’t realize is that foam can also be used in the home.

Residential foam can be used to create everything from a queen size memory foam mattress to couch cushions and even foam crown moldings. Foam is not only versatile, but also affordable and easy to customize. It has become the favorite material for DIY projects because it can be cut to fit any size and thickness. Are you ready to explore all the uses of residential foam? The following is brief look at the many uses of residential foam.

Mattresses: Everyone wants to sleep on a good mattress, but a quality mattress can cost thousands of dollars. Instead, consider buying a foam mattress for only a few hundred dollars. Basic foam mattresses are ideal for people who want a standard mattress that is comfortable and offers good support. Most foam mattresses are firm and offer pressure relieving benefits.

In addition to basic foam mattresses, consumers can also purchase memory foam mattresses that contour to the shape of their bodies. Memory foam in Canada distributes body weight evenly, prevents pressure points, and provides better circulation than conventional spring mattresses.

Finally, if you don’t want to buy an entire foam mattress, you can also purchase foam toppers designed to go on top of your existing mattress for ultimate comfort and support. For example, an eggcrate foam topper is designed to provide better air circulation, comfort, and support for the body.

Seats and cushions: Foam is the perfect material to replace your old seats and cushions. Instead of purchasing new seats and cushions, consider revamping your old ones with new foam. Foams that can be used for seats and cushions can be cut to any size and shape. You can even purchase special outdoor foam designed for outdoor patio furniture, boats, and watercraft.

Pillows and body support: A mattress is not the only way you can get comfortable with foam. Residential foam can be used to create a variety of comfort and support pillows, such as upper body pillows, leg pads, foam round bolsters, foam sacks, and whole body pillows. Since it is so versatile, you can create just the size and shape you need for the body part that needs the most support. For example, if you’re taller than most people, you can create a giant-size body pillow that fits your body perfectly.
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Pool Fence Safety Measures

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Having a swimming pool in your backyard is extremely exciting and beneficial for the whole family. Particularly for children, the swimming pool is a great option for both fun and exercise. However, having a swimming pool can also be risky if you and your family don’t take the proper precautions. In many countries, it is recommended that you have a proper gate or fence around your pool. Some countries such as Australia actually require it by law. Luckily, there are plenty of glass pool fencing options in Sydney and around the world.

Drowning is a serious issue and many young children die from this preventable disaster. Every home owner with a pool should have a proper barrier around their pool. All pool gates and fences should be a minimum of 3 feet tall. It’s also important for the gate to have a proper latch that will keep it closed unless opened by the handle.

There are many options with pool gates and fences today. One of the newer options is to have glass pool walls installed. These glass fences offer several advantages. Not only are they more difficult to climb than traditional gates, but they’re also more aesthetically appealing. Traditional fences have handholds and footholds which make them much easier to climb.

Home owners should install a fence for both full-size pools and spas. Small children can easily drown in both environments. As a pool owner, it’s crucial to consider safety whether or not you have your own children.

It’s also important for pool owners and their family members to be certified in CPR. Both children and adults can drown or have accidents that require resuscitation. Therefore, it’s necessary for there to be someone who’s certified in CPR and first aid around when anyone is swimming. Particularly when children are swimming, it’s critical for parents to keep a close watch. All it takes is taking your eyes off a child for one minute, for something to go wrong.

Another important part of pool safety is requiring that everyone takes swimming lessons. If you have a swimming pool at your house, you should make sure that everyone learns how to swim before being in or around the pool too much.

Luckily with the advancements in fences and gates, pool owners don’t have to stick with unsightly barriers of yesterday. Glass fences are not only safe, but they’re much more attractive than other types of fences. Glass fences often require regular cleanings, but they’re worth it for the added glamour.
Guest post is provided by Dimension 1 Glass, an industry leader in glass swimming pool fencing. Check out their website for more information.