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Commercial construction projects require many moving parts to complete on time, and under budget. Often, there will be delays and other problems that can threaten to cost the construction crew money and serious lost time. Construction advisory services can fulfill a number of those challenges, from filling in for key personnel to project management or advisement.

Project Management

One of the most important roles for a consultant to fill is that of project manager. The loss of key personnel can be devastating for a project, its budget and all stakeholders involved. Project managers will need to determine how to respond to these challenges, schedule personnel accordingly, and ultimately get the project back on track. That requires experience and expertise.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes are common, but construction claim preparation requires a great deal of careful bookkeeping. You’ll need all documents related to whatever incident is at hand, and if your office isn’t organized that’s quite a task. Hiring a consultant can alleviate some of that anxiety. They understand the forms, which documents are necessary, and how to expedite claims so you and your crew can get back to work.

Other Duties and Roles

Consultants are well versed in all aspects of construction, especially the legal side. As a result, they frequently fill the role of mediator for disputes. They are usually able to provide a ruling that works for both parties, and helps get the project started again. Mediators also save both parties from the costs and time of going to trial.

A consultant may also have expertise, such as a structural steel expert who can help to verify and analyze materials. Such a person on staff helps safeguard against disputes as much as working to resolve them.

Lyle Charles is a commercial construction project consultant, mediator and expert witness with more than 30 years of experience helping to resolve disputes.