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If you are planning on opening an ice cream shop or adding ice cream to your current business, it will be important to estimate how much ice cream shop supplies will cost you. To plan for your pricing and costs, it is best to check your area or online, for the ice cream equipment you require.

Ice cream shop supplies will fall into three main areas. They are as follows;

Ice cream machines- There are a number of machines that will make and serve one flavour of ice cream. This will cost you about $8,600- $10,000 for a countertop soft serve machine. Floor models will cost you between $19,000 – $21,000, but can create and serve more than one flavour. Hard ice cream makers, that can be placed on a countertop, will cost from $9,000 – $10,000.

Ice cream shop display cases – Stainless steel displays with glass windows range from $18,000 – $20,000 up wards. They generally range from 46 inches by 66 inches. Used display cases will cost roughly one third the price. Smaller display cases, that are designed for selling pre packaged ice creams, will cost from $1,100 – $2,000, while used will cost $400- $600.

Ice cream suppliers for disposable items – Disposable frozen yogurt spoons and cups will need to be costed as a running cost of serving ice cream. Tasting spoons will cost $25-$30 for 3,000.


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