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finish-carpentry-miterWhen you’re working on finish carpentry, presentation is everything so you want to make sure you’ve done all you can to get the look just right. The more you do it, the more you’ll find that being good at it just involves care and precision. With these tips, anyone with the proper tools can make the cuts or adjustments they need.

Tightening Up Miters

Misaligned door jambs and uneven drywall can lead to gaps in your miter. If this has been a consistent problem for you, then try to slide a shim or a pencil below the miter as you make the angled cut. That additional support will help you get a back bevel on your cut, which should tighten up the cut and bring it closer to the wall.

No Stud to Nail the Baseboard

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a situation where there isn’t a gap to nail the baseboard to. Sometimes, it’s a matter of too much joint compound on the board itself, which requires re-application and some cleanup work. Other times, all that’s needed is for you to drive a nail into the board at an angle. You can do this with either a hammer or a nail gun, just make sure you angle such that you aim into the stud at the base of the wall.

Final Thoughts

The most important rule in carpentry is patience. Practice patience and your skills will grow exponentially. Take your time with each cut, and be as careful as you can when applying joint compound. Also, make sure you thoroughly clean the surfaces you’re working with.