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Written by: The Foam Factory

upgrading-mattressLearn the facts about buying a bed in the modern furniture market.

When you want to upgrade your bed, there is no shortage of choices. If you read blogs on furnishings, you’ll quickly discover that sleeping isn’t as simple as buying a bed frame, a box spring and a mattress. Toppers, natural and organic materials, and how you personally sleep all play a role in choosing the mattress of your dreams.

Materials Matter

Many people are opting for mattresses made of flexible polyurethane foam over the traditional spring variety. Springs aren’t as resilient as natural latex, which doesn’t degrade much over time. Springs also don’t provide the same support. Often, spring mattresses are coated in chemicals that are meant to prevent the mattress from catching fire, but actually harm your respiratory system as you sleep.

Order Online to Save

Order a mattress from Canada and save a lot over the retail price of any big-box store. You can have the pad cut to size, and shipped directly to your home for easy assembly. Shipping is often free when you order online. The only drawback is you can’t feel the mattress until it arrives, so it’s best if you do some reading on foam density before you jump in headfirst.

About Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are a good alternative to the natural latex mattress. While ordering online saves money, the mattress is still more expensive than a topper. Plus, toppers are great for those who are moving into a furnished domicile (like a college student). It provides comfort on-the-go, without making permanent changes to the space you’re living in.