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Are you looking for new ways to transform your vacation house for your next visit or for your Airbnb guests? With a little creativity, you can make your vacation home instantly more appealing to live in. Here are a few vacation house design ideas that might be helpful:

Add some art to the walls

Whether you prefer abstract, modernist paintings and vessels or warm, welcoming pictures of landscapes, art can really change the character of your living space. Add some well-placed art pieces to your living room or bedroom to create a distinct vibe for your home.

Add a hot tub

You and your guests will appreciate the opportunity to relax in a heated pool and unwind after a long day exploring the city. Be sure to keep your hot tub clean and ready for your next hydrotherapy session.

Add some attractive outdoor furniture

Let’s not forget that backyards and outdoor living areas are also part of a vacation home’s design. Give yourself and your guests some room to congregate by setting up some outdoor wicker furniture around your patio or backyard. Add some wicker chairs, tables, and couches for an elegant, classy look.

Add some umbrellas for shade

Umbrellas can provide a major boost for your outdoor living area by providing much-needed shade during hot days when you still want to spend time with your friends and family outdoors. Treasure Garden umbrellas are known for their colorful, high-quality fabrics and diverse umbrella features. Be sure to grab a few if you want your patio to be a centerpiece of the vacation home experience.

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