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Are you planning to rent out your property as a vacation home rental? The key to operating a successful vacation home rental is creating a satisfying experience for your guests that will leave coming back for more and recommending your property to others looking for a place to stay during their vacation. Here are a few things you can do to make your guests’ stay more comfortable and relaxing.

Decorate according to a theme

People are choosing your home over a hotel stay because they want a cozier, more unique atmosphere. Whether you follow the aesthetics of minimalism or traditional homes, use décor to give them a distinct, memorable experience. Also, be sure to cater to your intended audience and decorate for the types of renters you’d like to have on your property.

Think safety first

This is especially important if families with children are your intended audience. Make sure your home is well lit so that guests can see where they are walking. Other recommendations include making sure sharp corners are protected and fragile, sharp objects are out of reach.

Give guests easy access to the things they need

Make sure you clear space for guests to store their clothes and belongings and keep toiletries, cooking equipment, eating utensils, and other essential tools easily accessible. It also helps to have high-quality Wi-Fi and a working television and DVD player for your guests’ entertainment needs.

If you live in the San Juan Islands and want to list your property as a San Juan Island cabin rental, be sure to visit San Juan PM’s website and add your vacation home to the list of properties for rent.