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You don’t have to own a gelateria to get creative with gelato supplies, such as cups, spoons, and to-go containers. In fact, there are many fun and easy ways to use gelato supplies right at home. Do you enjoy DIY projects? Do you have children? Then you just might enjoy these ideas. Gelato Products, an online retailer of gelato supplies, provides the following creative ways to use their outstanding supplies at home.

Throw an Ice Cream Party

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Whether you have children or a few friends who love dessert, an ice cream party is a great way to treat family and friends to a fun time. But you can’t have an ice cream party without proper ice cream cups and spoons. To throw an official party, consider ordering a set of ice cream cups that you would normally find in an ice cream shop or gelateria. You can also order traditional ice cream spoons. Consider setting up cute tables and chairs and get festive with the right décor. An ice cream party is a great theme for your kid’s b-day party, a summer celebration, or a fun night with family and friends.

Easy-To-Make Party Favors

Are you throwing a birthday party or bridal shower? Regardless of the event, it’s possible to create simple party favors using gelato cups. We recommend small rotunda cups, because they are tall and available in various hues and sizes. Simply order the number of cups you need from a reliable supply store. Next, fill the cup with goodies such as candy, toys, and other small gift items. Next, wrap the cups in clear cellophane and tie the top with a colorful ribbon. Finally, complete the party favor by adding a gift to the ribbon. For example, if you’re creating party favors for a baby shower, you can glue tiny bottles on the outside of the cups or directly on to the ribbon.

Eco-Friendly Party Cups

Are you planning a large event such as wedding or family reunion? Are you concerned about our planet? Many people purchase disposable cups and utensils for large parties and events, but these supplies are harmful to our planet and extremely wasteful. Instead of buying regular paper and plastic supplies you would find at your local grocery store, consider going green at your next party. Purchase earth-friendly cups and spoons to surprise your guests and offer a unique dining experience. You can easily find earth-friendly dessert cups, coffee cups, ice cream spoons and other supplies.
Gelato Products is an online retailer of gelato supplies and ice cream shop supplies, including ice cream spoons, cups, and to-go containers. 

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