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CouchCouches can tie the room together, or be a saggy disaster. It’s all in how well you maintain them, how often you clean them and what you do after you buy one. It’s easy to assume that once your couch starts sagging it’s time for a new one, especially with all the aggressive ad campaigns every President’s Day. The truth is that you can re-imagine your couch with new cushions, upholstery and a few accessories.

Step 1: Redo the Cushions

The reason your couch is sagging is because the cushions have lost their firmness. It’s common for this to occur over time, and most people have their couches for several years before attempting to re-upholster them.

The simplest, and most affordable, solution is to replace the cushion filling with foam.

Foam has varying degrees of thickness, which affects how firm the cushions will be when you’re sitting on them. Order foam at the proper thickness, and cut to the proper size, and you can re-stuff your cushions with filling that will stay firm.

Step 2: Re-Upholster

There are several outlets online where you can order fabric for a couch, the only dilemma you face is measuring. It helps to draw a diagram, and to measure the length, width and height of the cushion in question. Make sure you measure twice before you order.

It’s best to use an iron-on zipper if you can. Those are simpler to work with than the sew-on variety and promise similar holding power.

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